Gorgeous Naturals, Howard University, and the Ford Fiesta by AfroBella

Gorgeous Naturals, Howard University, and the Ford Fiesta by AfroBella

Published on Oct 8th 2010

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Back in February, I had the opportunity to be part of something really special.

I went to Howard University to cover a unique casting call for Ford Focus – their Inspired By Color event was SO Afrobella-tastic. I was absolutely astounded by the beauty of the aspiring models – all students at Howard with SO. MUCH. STYLE. These girls just naturally, effortlessly had it going on. Bright colors. Natural hair. Thrift-store boho diva chic in full effect. I was in awe.

I mentioned the trip here, and then blogged about it on BV Hair Talk but wanted to wait until the models were chosen before I shared the photos here! Quite a few of the gorgeous girls I met that day made it into the new Ford Fiesta inspired by color ad.

I could definitely have predicted the winner. Elise Peterson is GORGEOUS in person and has a very freespirited, funky style. You could look at her and just tell, she had it in the palm of her hand. Congrats Elise!!

Here are some other photos of the event. No shortage of gorgeous naturals on the Howard campus, that’s for sure!

OK first, there I am with the lime green Ford Fiesta! (If I had to pick a color, that’d be it!)

That’s Vibe magazine’s fashion director and stylist Memsor Kamarake. The man is just beyond fierce!

This young lady was rocking two-toned at-home dyed natural textured hair and banging blue eyeliner. Too cute!

This girl was just TOO cute. Her style was head-to-toe thrift store chic. The frames came from her mom, but her hat and necklace were thrifted, and she was super quirky cute.

I am kicking myself for not remembering this beautiful young lady’s name – she is an Afrobella reader!! So here’s hoping she sees herself and comes by to say hi. Her dress was from Target – isn’t is GORGEOUS?

This stunningly gorgeous young woman was an acting major – that much I do recall. Loved her style with the flower in her intricately styled natural hair.

Ladies – if you see this post and recognize yourself, please e mail me at so I can add your info!

Cindy of The Urban Gentleman got a great interview with Ebay honcho and natural hair icon Constance White, who was on hand to cast the commercial, reality-television style!

All in all the event was wonderful. I had a blast with fellow bloggers Cindy of The Urban Gentleman and Jessica of The Glamazons Blog, SUCH sweethearts! And Howard University is just gorgeous – even my brief time there revealed why so many amazing alumni have come from there. (Even Trinidad and Tobago’s first Prime Minister, Eric Williams!) It was an honor and a real pleasure to be brought by Ford Fiesta to cover this event, and I love the vibrant colors and beauty inspiration in this new commercial. It’s a direction I hope to see more companies and ad agencies going in!


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