Hair Ties: Can they do damage?

Hair Ties: Can they do damage?

Published on Aug 1st 2011

Via Black Girl With Long Hair

I just wanted this to be a cautionary tale to your readers. I know that maybe, for women of other ethnicities (and even some naturals) this might not be a big deal, but since so many naturals have finer/more fragile hair I figured I’d mention it.

I used to be a huge fan of hair ties (and I still use them pretty frequently), but I’ve learned to be gentle while using them because I noticed two things. First off, the elastic tension of the hair tie is strong enough to break off some of the hair that it’s encircling (if that makes sense). And also, when bunning, after folding my hair under and securing it with a hair tie, it sometimes broke off some of my folded under ends. I also noticed that I would have mild tension headaches — a sign that I was putting pressure on my edges — when using them to pull my hair into one.

Now, all of this was very subtle but I did notice a huge difference after I cut down my hair tie usage. So I just wanted to give a word of warning. I also wanted to know if anyone else has had an experience where hair ties resulted in broken ends or headaches.

Interesting! Alright ladies, what are your thoughts? Have you experienced any damage while using hairties? Please share!

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