Happy Birthday To Me!!

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Published on Feb 19th 2011

Today, on this day, February 19th,1988, 23 years ago… brought forth one of the most magnificent specimens to ever grace the face of the earth! ME!! ~cue evil laughter~

Let me stop i am just joking.. im not conceited like that yall.. But it is MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!

And to be honest, if Facebook wouldn’t have reminded me, i would have forgot… LOL

But nonetheless today im not Strawberricurls or Elizabeth… Today im Gabby… Me, just me.. no alias no nothing.. just Gabrielle aka Gabby

All i want to do today is chill with my fam, eat some boiled crawfish and shrimp , red potatoes, corn , and turkey necks ~drools on the keyboard~ and my day will be set but im doing that tomorrow.

TODAY I have to go by my aunt for breakfest and then my little Deeda’s (cousin) Bday party who was born 2 days after me. She is making 4.

So i will check you peeps later… Goin enjoy they day


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