HCAHPS Scores Matter; Contributing to Better Patient Comfort

HCAHPS Scores Matter; Contributing to Better Patient Comfort

Published on Jul 3rd 2013

In the first national, standardized, and publically reported survey of patients’ perspectives on hospital care, it was made clear that many patients across the board were not happy with their experiences. This was recorded from 2010 to 2011 and created a great deal of conversation regarding how to expand and improve the caregiving industry.

Determining Better Healthcare Delivery

Recently a three-day summit was held at the InterContinental Hotel and Conference Center in Cleveland, Ohio. This multidisciplinary conference focused on patient experience as a way to determine better healthcare delivery.

The HCAHPS Award

The lack of improvements after the first survey was a sign that greater attention needed to be paid in order to bring a lackluster approach up to par. With the recent HCAHPS award given to the Long Island Jewish Medical Center for their implementation of an enormous change regarding patient hospitality, it seems that other hospitals will follow suit.

Changing the Internal Culture and Climate

Comfort is undeniably key when it comes to helping people improve their health, and with the right amenities and attitude, hospitals are discovering that it is not difficult to change their internal culture and climate. In service to the hospitality industry for many years, Boca Terry is helping to contribute to this change.

A Good Bathrobe As Metaphor for Care

As a supplier of high quality luxury robes to hospitals, we at Boca Terry recognize how essential it is for patients to feel contained in something comfortable and comforting. As a great metaphor for being taken care of, a good bathrobe is the perfect example of how the healthcare industry can improve its service in ways that truly and positively impact patients.

Creating More Inviting Paradigms

Shifting from a service-only culture to something more hospitality oriented, many hospitals are now consulting with appropriate firms to create better and more inviting paradigms. As a result, HCAHPS scores increased from a 27th percentile in 2011 to 86th percentile, which is quite impressive.

Giving the Healthcare Delivery System Greater Meaning

Good hospitality means providing people with the utmost in care. It means making sure that people feel important and catered to, be they vacationers as in the hotel industry, or patients in a hospital setting. With greater respect for comfort, better communication, and stronger teamwork, more fortified connections are made. When all the amenities are in harmony with a healing ethic, healthcare delivery system has greater meaning.

Feeling a More Human Sensation

Our ethic at Boca Terry is to help hospitals realize their potential when it comes to providing patients, families, and staff with a more personal environment. Rather than a sterile setting where patients feel like numbers in beds, we are helping people feel a more human sensation, with beautiful robes to wrap around them as they recuperate and heal. It is this human touch that often expedites healing.

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