5 High-End Corporate Holiday Gifts

5 High-End Corporate Holiday Gifts

Published on Sep 8th 2017

Looking for ideas for unique, high-end corporate holiday gifts for both men and women? These exceptional business gifts are sure to “wow” this season.

True, the holidays are several months away. Still, we always find ourselves scrambling to find amazing gifts at the last moment. Instead, let’s all choose our gifts now and save ourselves from scrambling! Our top 5 high-end corporate holiday gifts will surely knock some socks off in 2017.

Solid colognes crafted with first-rate ingredients make for excellent high-end corporate holiday gifts. For instance, check out Fulton & Roark’s Captiva, a light, aromatic cologne that will make an impression without breaking the bank.

We’re all guilty of sending edible arrangements and bland boxes of chocolates. This, however, is not your typical snack crate: Olive & Cocoa has curated an elegant, mouthwatering collection of goodies. The snacks include gourmet salami and walnut pecan caramel marshmallows. In addition, the crate can be personalized with custom logo hot iron branding.

Whether you’re buying just one or shopping for the whole office, you can’t go wrong with luxury bathrobes. Boca Terry’s refined, price-competitive collection of robes includes the Microfiber Shawl Collar, the Kimono Waffle, and Hooded Terry bathrobes. Want to butter up your client? You can add a hand-stitched name or logo thanks to Boca Terry’s custom embroidery.

Your co-workers are no strangers to coffee. But what about coffee made in Seattle? Bean Box has assembled 16 signature coffees from 16 premium roasters. Consider it a tour of Seattle… minus the airfare.

If all else fails, this set of six Emoji Coasters is a real crowd-pleaser. Thanks to The Emoji Movie, we know these iconic faces aren’t going anywhere.

Experts tell us that the best high-end corporate holiday gifts are new takes on classic ideas. So, stock up on these new and improved classics, and impress your clients and co-workers this holiday season.

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