High Quality Wholesale Bathrobes On Sale

High Quality Wholesale Bathrobes On Sale

Published on Oct 18th 2012

You are a luxury business that takes pride in your place in the hospitality industry. Whether you are a hotel or a spa, you know that every detail of every element speaks of your dedication to quality, service, and taste.

Attention to Comfort and Well Being

You know that your guests are consummately attracted to your brand because of your level of care and attention to their comfort and well being. All of this is reflected in your choice of linens, towels, robes, and every other feature that helps every person who arrives at your door feel individually pampered and infinitely special.

A Terrific Selection of Robes

At Boca Terry, we feature a terrific selection of high quality bathrobes on sale. Every one of our designs can be used for both men and women, including plus sizes. Additionally, every robe can be customized to include your logo, emblem, or other design.

Classic Styles By World Class Designers

Our classic styles are created by our world class designers using the most exclusive materials and the finest stitching to ensure longevity wash after wash. Here is a list of our wholesale bathrobes, all of which are available for rapid shipping and delivery:

•    Basic Kimono
•    Checkered Robe
•    Classic Shawl Collar
•    Fleece Kimono
•    Hooded Kimono Waffles
•    Knit Waffle
•    Micro Chamois
•    Microfiber
•    Microtec
•    Microterry
•    Mini Stripe
Pink Kimono
•    Satin Stripe
Shawl Waffles
•    Velour Stripe
•    Organic Basic Kimono
•    Organic Classic Shawl Collar
•    Organic Lightweight Waffles

Guaranteeing the Best

When you order our beautifully made bathrobes, you are guaranteeing your guests the very best. Boca Terry has become almost a generic term for exceptional lounging garments, as we take special care to ensure exceptional quality control from concept to sale.

Feeling the Difference

Your guests will feel the difference when they slip on a Hooded robe in terry, sliding their hands into the ample pockets as they cuddle into the warmth and sensuality that a great robe should bring. Stepping out of the pool to dry off in a Microterry robe is the perfect way to wick away moisture and look fashionable at the same time. Sipping a cold lemonade or cocktail on the veranda while lounging in our Satin Stripe model provides the perfect excuse to put off getting dressed at least for another hour or so.

The Meaning of Comfort

At Boca Terry, we know the meaning of comfort and the value of providing guests with the sensation that they are really on vacation, even if its just a short getaway or business trip. Life brings its stresses, and one should be able to forget about it all when far from home.

Noticing the Details

Be it for your spa or a hotel, providing high quality bathrobes for your guests carries a lot of weight. People always notice the details, and will spread the word when they experience your sensitivity to their sense of ease.

For more information on how you can order our wholesale bathrobes, please contact us by calling 877.421.6001, or by filling out our online form, which can be found at

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