Personalize Your Holiday Gifts with a Custom Embroidered Robe

Personalize Your Holiday Gifts with a Custom Embroidered Robe

Published on Dec 1st 2017

Move aside, gift cards and scented candles. A luxurious, custom embroidered robe is the most personal gift you can give this holiday season.

Online shopping is incredibly convenient, but it’s making consumers far less personal. We’re less personal in our social interactions, and we’re less personal in the way we give to others. A brown box with a shipping label just can’t compete with a curated gift box or a custom embroidered robe.

The Resurgence of Personalized Gifts

Walk into any drugstore, gift store or grocery store, and you’ll find racks dedicated to gift cards. Gift cards are effortless; however, they lack a personal touch. Gift cards allow the buyer to choose their own gift, but they also say, “I don’t really know anything about you!”

Thankfully, the trend is shifting. Consumers are beginning to realize that personalized items and world-class experiences are the best gifts money can buy.

Why a Custom Robe?

A custom embroidered robe is not one that you’ve grabbed off the shelf of any department store. When you gift a friend or loved one a custom embroidered robe, you’ve handpicked that particular style and color. Plus, you’ve included a personal touch with custom embroidery.

Whether you choose a Basic Kimono or the brand new Sweatshirt Hooded Bathrobe, you’re gifting an elegant, long-lasting robe made from the highest quality fabrics. If you need to “supersize” your gift, you can also gift a pair of spa slippers and a set of resort-style towels. Who doesn’t need a fresh pair of slippers every December?

At Boca Terry, every robe is customizable—and so are our lounge chair covers, towels, spa wraps, headbands and waffle blankets. Choose from various embroidery styles (name, monogram, initials), and then choose from over 20 assorted thread colors. Monogramming is the perfect way to make an item uniquely yours—or theirs.

Boca Terry is accepting ground shipping custom embroidery orders through December 14th and second-day shipping custom embroidery orders through December 20th. So, what are you waiting for?

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