Hotels & Resorts Dive in to the Wellness Movement

Hotels & Resorts Dive in to the Wellness Movement

Published on Nov 26th 2014

Hotels & Resorts Dive in to the Wellness MovementIt is no secret that particular parts of the world have historically been known for their interest in health and natural medicine, including countries like India and China. Many in these countries rely on reestablishing and keeping balance within one’s body through proper diet and exercise. As contemporary spas began to note this trend, they offered their influence. Melding traditional approaches with modern innovations and research, spas began to dive into the wellness movement.

However, spas are not alone in this endeavor. Hotels and resorts have stepped up and followed suit to join the wellness movement, as well. Major hotel chains are implementing health and wellness concepts throughout — everything from better breakfast to upgraded fitness centers — along with supporting environmentally friendly ideas.

To detail a few of their ideas, they are taking measures to offer personalized spa menus, free fitness gear, air purification and aromatherapy, light therapy, wellness videos, and vitamin c-infused showers (yes, you read that correctly). These innovative techniques combine traditional health practices with modern day technology for the customer’s ultimate benefit.

Many wonder if this push toward the wellness movement has been motivated by the Millennial Generation, which has been known to represent an interest in similar ideals in the hospitality industry.

Is this the future of hospitality? Regardless of your belief, this shift offers the potential to win over a broader client base. Thinking about joining the movement, but want some ideas for renovating your fitness center? Then, you will want to review Hotel Management’s ideas.

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