How “Generation Y” is Shaping the Future of Hospitality

How “Generation Y” is Shaping the Future of Hospitality

Published on Aug 27th 2013

How Generation Y is Shaping the Future of HospitalityAt Boca Terry, we are always interested in staying attuned to the shifts in contemporary culture. Because of how it affects business, we feel it is incumbent upon us to stay on the cutting edge of these movements in order to anticipate trends in the market.

In this regard, we have taken a special interest in “Generation Y,” or those born between the years 1972 and 1992. Also known as Millenials, the tendencies for this demographic are to focus on teamwork and collaboration, as well as to be thoroughly ensconced in technology and all that this implies.

Social media drives Generation Y-ers, meaning that their sense of community is global and without borders. It also means that their attention span can be fragmented and more difficult to satisfy. Always looking for the next interesting thing, you have to stay ahead of the curve if you want to stay relevant.

This means that if you are in the hospitality industry, you must keep things exciting. Because the Ys spend a lot of money on travel, this is an essential for attracting them to your establishment.

We are noticing that the most effective hotels these days are those that pay attention to the Y’s needs for collaboration and interactivity. Lobbies with a sense of community are ideal, with upbeat open spaces providing ample opportunity for meeting up and sharing. One only has to look at modern offices, with their collaborative ambiance catering to networking and a more casual attitude that promotes greater creativity.

Generation Y tends to be committed to the improvement of society though initiatives like sustainability. Their awareness of environmental issues is strong, reflecting an ethic catering to a more natural way to live. At Boca Terry we translate this into a focus on more ecologically conscious products, such as using organic cotton fabrics and methods of production and manufacture that are respectful towards our natural resources.

Many of our clients are opening up their brand concepts to include in-house and online boutiques where guests can buy products they have used and liked. This has opened up much larger avenues for promotion, whereby an establishment’s logo has greater visibility. Because of the enormous appeal of our bathrobes, the hotels, bed & breakfasts, and spas that carry our line of luxury products are using this opportunity to display their logos and designs to reach a broader public. When our robes with your logo are present in households around the globe, there is an amazing opportunity to penetrate mass consciousness.

Generation Y is teaching us a lot about new ways of advertising. Many promotional companies are coming to us for our customized embroidery and designs, as there is nothing better than a great giveaway to make a point about your business. When consumers receive a Boca Terry towel, robe, or other accessory that sports the name of your brand, you are making enormous headway towards putting yourself front and center against the competition.

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