How Often Should You Wash Your New Boca Terry Bathrobe?

How Often Should You Wash Your New Boca Terry Bathrobe?

Published on Dec 17th 2015

How Often Should You Wash Your New Boca Terry Bathrobe?Bathrobes may seem like they can handle long-time wear, but they’re certainly not immune to getting a wash now and then. After all, bathrobes are certainly still a category of clothing.

Laundry practices can have a great effect on the lifecycle of your bathrobe. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to avoid over-washing (or under-washing) your delicate Boca Terry bathrobe.

It’s All About the Hygiene, Isn’t It?

Bathrobes are perhaps one of the most practical and comfortable pieces of clothing out there, which is why it’s crucial to take great care of them so that they can remain that way. The amount of times you should wash your bathrobe is namely dependent on:

  • How often you use it
  • Where you use it
  • How often it gets dirty
  • Its fabric type

Here are some instances to take into consideration when deciphering your bathrobe-wash routine.

1. After-Shower Bathrobes

You may be using one of Boca Terry’s terry cloth bathrobes to keep dry and comfy after your shower. The high-quality cotton used in our bathrobes is woven into numerous miniscule loops that capture and absorb water.

You might think that there’s no need to wash your bathrobe because it’s only coming in contact with your clean skin, but that’s not really the case. Even clean skin sheds dead skin flakes that are generally invisible to the naked eye.

When left on the robe for a long time, skin flakes build up inside the robe’s fabric and other microscopic organisms come over to join the ride on the fabric. Even your bathroom floor may sparkle and ooze the sweet aroma of cleanliness, but unfortunately, it’s not as clean as you may think.

2. Bathroom Bathrobes

You might have the habit of throwing your bathrobe onto a pile on the floor of your humid bathroom (especially after a steamy shower). This creates a damp and moist area that’s prone to mildew growth and the formation of bacteria.

It’s therefore ideal to wash your Boca Terry bathrobe at least once a week after being used in the shower or in the bathroom. You can pretty much treat your terry garment like a bath towel. The same goes for when you use it at the pool or the beach.

3. Lounging Bathrobes

If you like lounging around your house or hotel in a velour bathrobe, you should be aware of how to properly wash it. Velour bathrobes may be a little less expensive than velvet, but you still have to avoid washing them too much.

Using bathrobes to lounge around can attract more germs than you can imagine. Even though your bathrobe may appear to be clean, you should still wash it regularly to keep unwanted residue away.

Unwashed bathrobes (no matter which material) can begin to smell and become unhygienic after a while. Don’t wait until your bathrobe starts getting an odor to wash it.

Wash Your Bathrobe the Instant It Gets Dirty

Whether you’re the clumsy type who happens to always spill things on your garments, or you’re just a clean freak, washing your bathrobe the minute it gets dirty will prevent it from getting worse over time. Even if that means you’ve dirtied it right after a recent wash, getting rid of a stain instantly is better than letting it linger around until your next scheduled wash.

That’s because chances are, the mark will get absorbed into your Boca Terry bathrobe and it will be a lot tougher to remove the stain. The longer you leave the stain, the less likely you’ll be able to completely remove it since it’ll become more resistant to a wash; depending on the kind of stain it is, of course.

Avoid Multiple Back-to-Back Washes

Even though you should wash your bathrobe right when it gets dirty to avoid having a close to permanent stain, it’s important not to overdo it either. Throwing our unclean clothing in the wash is definitely faster and easier than washing them by hand. However, you might have to do that for your bathrobe when necessary.

For example, if you’ve just washed your Boca Terry bathrobe and it gets dirty right after (several times, too), in a small area of the robe, it’s better to use a stain remover and clean that part manually. You should, however, place the whole garment in the washing machine to get the stain out once and for all, unless staining it is a constant habit.

Prolong Your Bathrobe’s Snugness

Strong laundry detergents can eat away your bathrobe’s color, which will make it look over-worn after several washes. Detergents can even dry your Boca Terry bathrobe after time and cause it to be stiff and less absorbent. You can keep your bathrobe soft and fluffy by following its care instructions.

If you’re unsure about how often you should wash your bathrobe or how to properly care for it, call Boca Terry today. We’ll give you the details on how to maintain your luxuriously smooth bathrobe and make the most out of its use!

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