How Organic Cotton Robes Protect the Planet—and Your Conscience

How Organic Cotton Robes Protect the Planet—and Your Conscience

Published on Jan 26th 2015

How Organic Cotton Robes Protect the Planet—and Your ConscienceIf you don’t know much about the world of organic cotton, or if you are curious about why companies use it, then you have come to the right place. When it comes to organic and natural living, most of us think about our food sources — but the truth is, there is a lot more to the world of organics than this food, alone.

In fact, organic cotton is growing in popularity for use in clothing. Cotton, especially the organic variety, is a sustainable material. The fact is that cotton grows quickly and it’s renewable aspect make is a sustainable resource. Wondering how else organic cotton protects the planet and curious about why should we use it? Boca Terry offers the details:

How Does this Affect Our Planet?

Planet Earth is constantly affected by the actions of humans. While all other species seem to keep the planet in harmony via natural selection, people tend to be the source of a lot of Earth’s problems. Not sure if organic cotton is for you? Even the famous musician, Grammy winner Neil Young, was bold enough to come forward about his concerns facing our planet, and the effects that the production of certain materials can have on it.

Unfortunately, humans have caused a great deal of undeniable damage to the earth—from over sourcing natural resources to polluting the atmosphere and damaging the ecosystem, we are at fault for much of the planet’s distress. By taking advantage of opportunities to support rather than damage our planet, we are supporting the ecosystem and allowing for a healthier atmosphere. Think of the difference that even just one company can make by choosing organic cotton bathrobes. They might order hundreds of bathrobes. This small step can make a world of difference. Best of all, opting for organic cotton is easier than you might think!

What to Look For

When deciding to purchase organic cotton options, you might not even know where to begin. Be sure that your items are 100% certified organic cotton. Boca Terry is no stranger to the benefits of certified organic cotton—that is why we decided to produce bathrobes crafted from 100% certified organic cotton. These beautiful bathrobes meet the needs of natural enthusiasts across the board:

  • Organic Basic Kimono– 100% certified organic cotton velour or terry robe with multi-needle stitching around the front pockets and cuffs. 48″ center back length, 17″ sleeve length. Our Basic Kimono comes available in both terry cloth and velour.
  • Organic Classic Shawl Collar– 100% certified organic cotton velour or terry fabric. 52″ center back length, 22″ sleeve length. This bathrobe is similar to the Basic Kimono, but with the added touch of cozy roll-up collar and sleeves.
  • Organic Lightweight Waffles– Our kimono waffle bathrobe comes in 100% certified organic cotton. 48″ length, 17″ sleeve length with hanger loop. It is an excellent choice for the summer months, or for use in warmer climates.

Personal Benefits

Besides supporting the planet, opting for organic cotton can benefit many individuals, as well. For example, those suffering from skin sensitivities might have a better run with certified organic cotton than conventional cotton. Organic cotton has been found to be gentler for those who battle with sensitive skin—whether that is due to allergies, eczema, psoriasis, or others! If you have sensitive skin, then going for a certified organic cotton bathrobe might be your best bet yet.

Organic Cotton—Gentler on the Planet, and You

As you can see, opting for organic cotton is a decision that can help to benefit our planet while also clearing our lakes, rivers, and your conscience! While some might feel that conventional cotton is the best choice, financially, the truth is that organic cotton costs us all less in the long run.

Not to mention, Boca Terry’s organic cotton bathrobes are designed as a luxurious, yet affordable alternative to regular cotton. The Boca Terry difference is found not only in our products, but also in the price of our products—we are committed to designing, developing, and manufacturing the best quality products at the most affordable price possible.

Who Should Go Green?

Our signature organic bathrobes are a great pick for various industries. Whether you own a spa, (especially a natural spa), an environmentally conscious green hotel, a cruise line, or even a hospital, these organic bathrobes are the right pick for you!

Boca Terry: Bettering the Planet Each Day

Rest easy in knowing that, when you purchase a Boca Terry original certified cotton bathrobe, you are treating yourself and the planet to the best around.

If you are interested in our bathrobes, if you have questions about wholesale pricing, or to place an order, contact us today! We are here to guide you through each step of the way.

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