How To Find The Best Bathrobes For Wholesale Purchase

How To Find The Best Bathrobes For Wholesale Purchase

Published on Oct 25th 2012

When it comes to deciding on the best bathrobe for wholesale purchase, there are only a few essential details to consider. These have to do with comfort, quality, durability, and style.

What to Look for?

As respected members of the hospitality industry, your choices reflect your dedication to assuring that your guests feel that they are in the lap of luxury. In this regard, it is tantamount that you select a company you can rely on to bring you exceptional bathrobes that reflect your impeccable taste.

Trust Experience

Boca Terry’s many years in the industry has given us the insight and wherewithal to offer our clients the finest materials available today. With utmost attention to craftsmanship, we ensure that every stitch is made to last and that every fiber endures the many washings our robes will undergo through time.

With a large inventory of bathrobes, we are able to keep every one of your guests bedecked in the perfect style and the perfect fit. Most of our robes are one-size-fits-all, wrapping around the body to create a coziness and comfort that defines the essence of a good bathrobe.

Be Unique

Custom robes are also our specialty, as we are able to accommodate plus sizes or any other specification that you may need. This includes the addition of a logo or design that sets your establishment apart from all the rest. We will help you create something appropriate, or use your own artwork to enhance the already perfect robe.

Style is Key

When considering your wholesale purchase, it is important to offer styles that are commensurate with the feeling of your hotel or spa. If you offer a luxury pool-side experience, you may want to choose our classic shawl collar bathrobe or our hooded models, which are ideal for wicking away moisture while cloaking the body in their sensual fibers. If you are purchasing for a spa, our Boca Terry Kimono Waffles or Knit Waffle bathrobes provide a beautiful, zen-like silhouette for both men and women. These models are lightweight and are perfect for helping moisturizing treatments to penetrate the skin.

If your establishment is located where winters are cold and guests yearn for the warmth of a deeply comforting robe, then our Fleece Kimono bathrobe is the one to choose. On the other side of the coin, our Microfiber, Microtec, and Microterry bathrobes would be good choices for when the weather warms to summer.

These are not just Robes…

We are not just talking about Robes here… this is a life style. Your guests are seeking for peace, comfort, and luxury. Boca Terry will add the touch of comfort and luxury your guests want. There are many more styles in our Boca Terry catalogue, all of which are appropriate for a myriad of uses and a variety of locations. Finding the best bathrobe for your wholesale purchase is easy as we cover the gamut of possibilities. Combining a few styles is what we recommend, as you will then create a versatility that will serve you well as varying activities, weather conditions, and personal necessities are always a factor in the hotel and spa industries.

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