How to Find the Perfect Bathrobe Length

How to Find the Perfect Bathrobe Length

Published on Aug 25th 2015

How to Find the Perfect Bathrobe LengthThere are a lot of factors to consider when deciding on the perfect bathrobe length. Who will be wearing it? What’s the weather like? And still, even more factors play into choosing the perfect length bathrobe!

In fact, figuring out the right length can prove to be pretty stressful at times—especially if you’re the purchasing manager for a large company who is looking to fulfill the needs of several people at once with a single product.

If you need more information on choosing the correct length bathrobe, ask yourself the following questions and follow our easy guidelines.

  1. Who is it For?

First of all, keep in mind that different people are going to be drawn toward different length bathrobes.

Are these bathrobes for men? You might want to go a little longer, considering the fact that men are often taller than women. Buying for a women’s spa? Again, shorter might be the right length considering your clientele.

However, if we are considering bathrobe length based on gender, this leaves another question open in the air.

Many studies reveal that men tend to be more “hot blooded” than women. That is to say, if a man and woman are both sitting in rooms of the same temperature, the male will tend to feel warmer than the woman. A man might be wearing shorts and a t-shirt and feel comfortable, while a woman wears jeans and a t-shirt with a light hoodie over, feeling equally as comfortable. So, it’s hard to base length on one’s height when one’s biological makeup is a factor as well.

Narrowing Down the Best Choice for Men and Women

If your establishment is targeted toward both men and women, we highly suggest a length that will cater to both genders—you want to meet in the middle. Too short might make some men uncomfortable (as their clothing tends to be on the longer side). Too long, however, and some ladies might trip over it! Opting for a medium length is a great choice, just like our 48” bathrobes. They hit about high-to-mid-calf on the average male and are approximately lower-calf on your typical female.

This length caters to, both, men and women, ensuring supreme comfort for each party. However, keep in mind that we can only make suggestions. You know your clientele better than anyone else, so you can opt for the length you find to be the most suitable for your demographic based on how frequently it’s used.

  1. What is the Climate Like?

If you live up in Alaska and it’s winter, you’re more than likely going to order a warm and fuzzy bathrobe to keep your guests from freezing—especially the ones coming from out of town! However, if it’s mid-August and your resort is in Jamaica, you might want to opt for something a lot lighter.

Climate is an important factor when determining the right bathrobe for the job—even the small details like bathrobe length can make a big difference in guest comfort and satisfaction!

  1. Where Will Guests be Wearing Them?

While your establishment’s climate and weather sounds like the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to choosing bathrobe length, there is another point that might be more relevant than that alone.

Where will your guests be wearing the bathrobes you’re purchasing for your establishment? Sure, your resort might be in Vail, Colorado, sprinkled atop the Rocky Mountains amidst a furious blizzard. But if your guests are wearing their bathrobes to a sauna and steam room at the spa, do they really want to be covered in a warm and fuzzy bathrobe? Something lighter might make the biggest difference for them in this case—and something a little shorter.

  1. Which Style do You Like Best?

The final factor to consider when determining the best bathrobe length is your personal style, along with your establishment’s brand. Does your resort have a casual feel? Shorter bathrobes might look great. Do you prefer to host a more elegant environment? Longer bathrobes are going to give guests that feel, even if they’re just in their room.

Pick a style and length that says something about who you are as a brand and who you want to be recognized as. Or, just pick based on your taste. Which looks best to you as the owner or purchasing manager?

With so many options, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Get Started

If you’re ready to pick out the best bathrobes for your establishment, contact us now! We can offer you a quote and walk you through the order process offering advice along the way so you get exactly what you are looking for!

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