How to Catch a Purchasing Manager’s Attention

How to Catch a Purchasing Manager’s Attention

Published on May 6th 2014

How to Catch a Purchasing Manager's AttentionYou ski down the icy, snowy mountain and head to the ski lodge. As your limbs begin to thaw, you sit by the hot fire with a warm mug of freshly brewed, complimentary tea. You cannot wait to head back to your room and slip on a pair of toasty slippers! Well, you can thank a good purchasing manager for that tea and for those slippers during your ski resort vacation. Purchasing managers are in charge of buying and storing wholesale items for resorts, hotels, cruise lines, spas, and more!

Purchasing managers want to find the best items to serve their guests, and they are constantly comparing companies that are willing to provide the items they are looking for. Catch their attention with a few simple tips!

Great Website

First of all, you need a website that will draw purchasing managers in. Make sure it is simple, clean and designed well! Ensure that your website is easily navigated and informative. Buyers do not have time to explore a confusing website that does not immediately offer the information and products they are looking for. For example, at Boca Terry, our wholesale website clearly lays out links to answer any questions that purchasing managers may have. Keeping your website and products up to date will have buyers coming back for more! We even have a “news and events” webpage from which clients learn about the latest news and events impacting our industry, as well as recent news concerning Boca Terry, because the textile and manufacturing industry is changing daily.

Variety and Quality

Suppliers must grab a purchasing manager’s attention with a great variety of items. Offering different items will ensure that you have something that their company is looking for. Companies should also provide options regarding quality and price for several items. For example, we do not only offer one style of slippers. We provide the option of a closed toe slipper, an open toe slipper, and an open toe Velcro slipper! A handful of our robes even come with different fabric weight choices! While we provide excellent quality for each product we sell, we like to offer some products that are more top-notch than others. Offering high-quality (and higher-quality) products will draw buyers in, because they want to provide their guests with amenities they can be proud of.


However, what purchasing managers really want to find is a great deal! They want the best quality product at the lowest cost, especially when they are buying a large quantity of items. Our direct access to factories ensures that there is no middle man involved, leading to a lower production cost. We source products from all over the world to enhance quality standards and to offer such competitive pricing!

Fast Shipping

Every buyer wants the promise of quick, efficient, accurate shipping, so any company that can achieve this will have no difficulty attracting their attention! Boca Terry has three distribution centers, in South Florida, Los Angeles, London, and Hong Kong. These locations allow us to provide the fastest shipping to our clients, worldwide. Yes, we are talking to you, busy buyers! We understand that you are under time constraints and that business runs smoothly only when you have the products you need!

We are Personal

A manufacturing center that purchasing managers can see (whether in person or online) will allow them to evaluate whether or not they are interested in your company. We catch the attention of buyers because we are transparent about our manufacturing process on our website. We provide photos so that buyers are not left in the dark about the origin of their product. Bringing buyers information they desire will keep their interest.

Stand Out in the Crowd

We offer customizable products to our clients, from unique prints and designs on our robes to custom towels. Want to see your logo or other branding on your product? We also offer embroidery! Not only do we stand out because of this, but we will also help your business stand out as well! Be aware, we don’t stop there!

Helping Clients Think Outside of the Box!

Purchasing managers, take note: We will do whatever we can to provide your company with exactly what you are looking for! Even if we do not have it on hand, we are willing to take the time and the effort to produce a unique product that fits your needs. Just ask our environmentally friendly client that was looking for organic robes, towels, and spa supplies made from other materials rather than cotton! What did we do? We created a line of spa supplies made from recycled plastic! Going the distance for clients will be sure to attract buyers’ attention, especially if they decide to recommend your brand to others!

Take the Lead

However, we cannot just assume that our outstanding products and informative website alone are going to gain a purchasing manager’s attention. Sometimes a company needs to go out and find purchasing managers for themselves!

Contacting Companies

Don’t be afraid to contact a company directly. If you find a company that needs what you offer, go to their website and locate their “contact us” page! You will likely find an email or a phone number, which will help you connect with the right person in the company. Especially take note of new businesses opening up and be sure to reach them, as they may not have stock. When you call or email them, be sure to inform them of the features that make your product unique!

How to Catch a Purchasing Manager's AttentionBring Samples

To make an even greater impression, find an appropriate time to visit the company with samples of your product. This will enable the buyers to interact with you face-to-face. Purchasing managers will see that you have taken time out of your day in order to share your product with them. Plus, when they see and feel just how outstanding your product is, they will be more inclined to purchase! Come prepared to sell, persuading potential clients reasons that your product will benefit their business and their guests.

Other Ways to Meet Buyers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Purchasing managers, buyers, and purchasing agents use many resources to find out all they can about potential suppliers. They attend meetings, trade shows, and conferences to learn about new industry trends and make contacts with suppliers” (BLS). Suppliers should attend these events in order to meet potential clientele. Do not just show up, hoping that buyers will flock to you. Again, bringing samples to these events can be the selling point for some purchasing specialists. Be energetic, welcoming, and be prepared to answer any questions that might arise regarding your product.

You’ve Got Their Attention
Now it is time to impress purchasing managers with all your company has to offer! At Boca Terry, we offer several astounding features to keep a purchasing manager’s attention, as we have stated. If you are interested in learning more about our company and our products, visit our About Us webpage! If we got your attention, and you are interested in ordering wholesale products, contact us today!

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