How to Improve The Patient Experience at Your Hospital

How to Improve The Patient Experience at Your Hospital

Published on May 16th 2017

The key to delivering first-class service at your hospital or medical facility is treating the patient as if he or she is the only person in your care. They need to spend some quality time healing and getting back on track, so every effort toward these goals will improve their overall experience. Great hospital customer service can be achieved by putting these new ideas into practice.


1. Comfort is the Key

The patient must feel as if they are on vacation – as opposed to feeling as if they are in recovery from illness or surgery. To create this environment, you must provide safety and security, a genuine interest in their medical case, kindness, user-friendly treatment, and a fresh pair of comfortable hospital bathrobes every day.


2. Amenities Matter

Every amenity is important in its own right – from proper slippers to high quality towels. Most people associate the word “hospital” with an unpleasant experience. So, even when your patients might be going through an uneasy time, the medical facility can contribute a lot to make them feel great again.

A recovering patient will appreciate an orthopedic pillow, clean bathrobes, top-notch mattresses and sheets, and free Wi-Fi for those who love to post about their recovery and reconnect with friends and loved ones on social media.

3. The Power of Treats

Some hospitals are taking advantage of little details like chocolate, flowers, candy and other small but meaningful gifts to spoil their patients. It’s not about quantity; it is about the quality of the interactions with your customers and understanding that the client’s satisfaction is the benchmark of a first-rate hospital.

4. Keep Them Entertained

Besides hospital slippers and a multitude of amenities, hospitals must also consider the entertainment factor: Most customers will love the idea of watching their favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix as opposed to hearing the news all day long. It’s all about relaxing!

5. What About the Food?

Hospital food standards require vast improvements. That’s why revisiting your menu and hiring an experienced head chef is so important.

6. Healthcare Expertise

Every one of your patients is at your facility for a reason. Hence, having the best medical staff possible is essential to a relaxing stay and a truly healing experience.
All of these steps contribute to excellent hospital customer service. Every detail counts when you aim to deliver a satisfactory experience – and ultimately put a smile on every patient’s face.

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