How to Market Your Business this Valentine’s Day   

How to Market Your Business this Valentine’s Day  

Published on Feb 1st 2016

shutterstock_330783674Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, and couples aren’t the only ones who are usually eager for the special day to come—so are several business sectors. Are you ready to promote your business this Valentine’s Day?

  1. Offer Delectable Treats

People love getting free gifts, especially if they’re edible. If you own a spa, hotel, or retail store, handing out a box of chocolates with your company logo on it is a great way to help your customers remember their experience with your business. You can even be creative and hand out any other customized product, like a bottle of wine or stack of towels, all boasting your monogram.

  1. Show Your Appreciation on Social Media

Show your customers how grateful you are for their loyalty by:

  • Posting a sweet note addressed to customers on your social media platforms throughout the month of February.
  • Featuring Valentine’s Day competitions and sweepstakes.
  • Offering holiday specials, such as 50% off your products and services for a limited time.
  • E-mailing your most loyal clients with exclusive promotions.

  1. Charm Both Singles and Couples

Create special packages catered for both singles and couples to enjoy special discounts. That way, you can help make everyone feel pampered.

Have your staff offer special help, such as giving advice for getting the best gifts. You can even partner with companies that won’t compete with yours to offer customers a gift package from them.

By using logos, gifts and the right mediums to attract clients from all walks of life, your company’s brand awareness will get the appeal it should this Valentine’s Day season.

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