Improve Patient Experience with Boca Terry Robes

Improve Patient Experience with Boca Terry Robes

Published on Oct 3rd 2014

How to Spoil Your Patients with Boca Terry RobesIn a perfect world, we would all be healthy; when we went in for our checkup with the doctor, everything would go smoothly each visit. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Often patients find themselves feeling stressed, anxious, or scared at the doctor’s office or hospital. Even worse, some patients can feel misunderstood, misdiagnosed, uncared for, and like just another number on the day’s list.

Contrarily, we know that you will do anything in your power to see your patients healed, healthy, and happy. That’s likely the reason why you are reading this post in the first place—because you genuinely care for each patient you encounter. Want to know one of the best ways to brighten their spirits? Spoil them. Here’s how:

Why Comfort Matters

Unfortunately, care providers do not always have a say in the patient’s outcome—whether a doctor has good or bad news for a patient cannot be altered or hidden. Because a guest’s diagnosis is likely to affect their mood, patient happiness is not a guarantee.

In fact, their mood is often rather contingent upon whether or not more procedures are required, and the likelihood of their recovery. Since doctors cannot guarantee happiness and joy to each patient, they should do everything in their power to emphasize a patient’s comfort. How can you do that?

Ensure Comfort

Because patients should always be a top priority, care providers should consider new ways to ensure their comfort. It is common knowledge that patients have long battled with thin, uncomfortable, papery robes.

However, during appointments and procedures, it is important to remember that your guests might be nervous, anxious, or even fearful. Combat these hindrances by providing each guest with a freshly washed, sanitary, plush, cotton robe. They will feel comfortably covered, without the hassle of dealing with paper robes!

Promoting a Soothing Atmosphere

Patients can feel moody, irritated, and upset when they are only offered a thin sheet of paper to cover themselves; especially inside of a highly air conditioned hospital room or doctor’s office.

Cold patients can be the source of a number of difficulties. Think about your patients with poor circulation; and, what about when nurses need access to a guest’s veins? Cold veins are hard to find, as they shrink. Soothe your patients; don’t test their patience! Offering your patients a warm, plush robe enables them to feel appropriately covered and incredibly warm!

Show You Care

Customer service and amenities can play a large role in a patient’s experience. Doctor’s offices and hospitals should work hard with each patient, to ensure they feel well known, understood, and cared for. Here are some tips that can help validate your guests and make them feel special:

• Learn their name— it can go a long way!
• Remember conversations and concerns they shared—whether related to their health or not.
• Treat them with the respect they deserve.
• Show you are grateful for their business by treating them well.
• Surprise them with special gifts, such as a warm robe, and plush slippers to match!
• Ask about their lives, outside of health-related topics—this shows you are invested in them as a person.

Hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, dentists, and nurses can go a step further in making patients feel spoiled. Have an extra special patient on your mind? Don’t simply gift them with a bathrobe. Embroider their name onto it!

Opinions Count

The truth is, hospitals, care facilities, and doctor’s offices have grown more competitive with the revolution of Internet rating systems. Doctors, nurses, emergency care facilities, and hospitals are not immune to the important online review.

Whether or not this is a positive thing, reviews are powerful; they can serve as a way to drive a business, or to drive business away. Therefore, be sure to treat your patients well.

Boca Terry’s Top Suggestions

Depending on the location of your facility, there are a number of robes that are appropriate for the job. Here is a list of our favorites:

1. Kimono Waffles

This robe is thin, light, and just the right choice for many patients. It is not heavy or bulky, it will not weigh them down, and they will love the soft, textured feel against their skin. Crafted with 100% combed cotton terry, or a cotton-polyester blend, this soothing robe is an excellent choice that your patients will thoroughly enjoy.

2. Hooded

For patients who will be in and out of the physical therapy pool or the bath, the hooded bathrobe is the best option. The extra large hood keeps them comfortable and warm, while drying their hair and keeping it from dripping. Made with 100% combed cotton terry or velour, this soft and soothing robe will bring your care facility or medical office to the next level!

3. Organic Options

Many patients will come in with skin sensitivities—the last thing you want to do it suit up with a robe that irritates their skin! The organic bathrobe line is the number one choice for these guests. Made with 100% organic cotton, the fabric is free from pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, and many other components that tend to irritate the skin, making the wearer uncomfortable, itchy, and possibly even aggravated.

Boca Terry—Better Robes

Now, you know how, why, and what to do—the rest is up to you! Go ahead: spoil your patients with Boca Terry bathrobes. Why settle for less when you can give your patients the best? Boca Terry proudly provides affordable, luxury, wholesale bathrobes and accessories for a number of hospitals across the country. This is only one of several industries we serve!

Ready to invest in the best? If you have any questions about wholesale pricing, or to place an order, contact us today! We will be sure to see what we can do to help you and your brand.

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