How To Wash Your Organic Cotton Bathrobe

How To Wash Your Organic Cotton Bathrobe

Published on Aug 18th 2015

How To Wash Your Organic Cotton BathrobeThe thought might not have passed your mind twice, but laundering practices are critical for preserving the quality and life cycle of each wardrobe item you buy.

Because bathrobes and towels are often crafted from the same materials, there is a general standard to which you should adhere when laundering these items. If you are looking for the best way to take care of your organic cotton bathrobe, follow our easy tips:

  1. Treat Them Like Towels

It’s no surprise that towels and bathrobes are distant cousins. Studies have shown that towel users and homeowners do not wash their towels as frequently as they should. We suspect the same might go for your bathrobes, as well.

Here’s why it matters: since bathrobes and towels are frequently used for drying off, they are susceptible to growing mold, mildew, and bacteria. Plus, it turns out that the warm and damp atmosphere of the bathrobe only work to further promote this. In other words, when you aren’t laundering them properly, your bathrobes and towels are the breeding ground for a lot of germs. That’s why it’s critical to keep these items clean!

  1. Prolong Their Life

Since you’ll be washing your bathrobes so frequently, prolonging and protecting the product life is pertinent—as washes can begin to break down cotton fibers. This is especially true when these items are washed incorrectly.

We suggest washing your bathrobes in warm—not scalding hot—water to cut the oils and dirt found on them without sacrificing the materials by using too much heat.

Similarly, if you are going to use bleach to boost the brightness, we suggest that you use only non-chlorine bleach on your robes. This will serve to keep the materials strong, healthy, and at their best.

  1. Keep it Organic

Something to consider when laundering is the detergent you use on your bathrobes. If you’re buying an organic bathrobe, does it really make sense to douse it in conventional detergents and bleaches? We highly suggest keeping your bathrobe’s natural identity in tact by using natural or organic detergents.

Keep in mind that these choices are often a little pricier, but they will help keep the integrity of your organic bathrobe. They are often gentler on fabrics and will help keep your bathrobe free from pesticides and dyes just like the day you bought it. Some of our favorite bathrobes are the organic basic kimono, the organic classic shawl collar, and the organic lightweight waffle bathrobe.

Determining whether or not you’d like to move forward with organic detergents might require some thought and consideration. Is it worth it to pay more for organic or natural items? Who does this apply to? We are here to walk you through that as well.

  • Why is Organic Important?

You might have bought an organic cotton bathrobe because you learned that organic cotton is better for the planet than conventional cotton. It requires less water when farming and it does not release toxins into the environment that some conventional farmers are in the habit of using. It might have been for the sake of your conscience—and that’s okay! Does that mean you have to use organic detergents? Not necessarily. However, keep in mind that there are some other benefits to organic detergents as well.

Organic detergents are better for the environment. Just like cotton, the detergents you use can have positive or adverse effects on our planet’s ecosystems and pollution rate. If you want to avoid the chemicals associated with some conventional detergents—which is then introduced into the environment in a water treatment plant or as water runoff—then going green is the way to be!

Furthermore, organic and fragrance free detergents can help bathrobe wearers feel more confident and comfortable. It can keep skin sensitivities to a minimum for many people. Often, organic detergents are better for those who have allergies or skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

  1. Time to Dry

Hanging your bathrobe up to dry is going to be the right choice for two key reasons.

First of all, this is another excellent way to promote a happier planet. And, if you bought organic cotton with our planet in mind, line drying is a way to continuously make a positive and lasting impact on your personal carbon footprint.

Another great reason to line dry is because it’s going to help your product last longer. Remember, high heat can break down cotton fibers, leading them to weaken over time. By line-drying your bathrobe, you’re promising it a longer life!

After your bathrobe is dry, don’t be afraid to toss it in the dryer for ten minutes to help soften it up and break the common stiffness of an air-dried garment.

Buy the Best Bathrobes

Laundering techniques can promote a longer life for your attire. But, all in all, choosing the best quality organic bathrobe is the most significant way to ensure it’s going to last. If you are in the market for organic bathrobes, you might want to look into Boca Terry’s trusted collection. If you have any questions, would like to receive a quote, or place an order, contact us today!

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