Improving Your Maternity Ward With Bathrobes and Slippers

Improving Your Maternity Ward With Bathrobes and Slippers

Published on Aug 4th 2015

Improving Your Maternity Ward With Bathrobes and SlippersHospitals across the nation have reportedly found it challenging to discover new and exciting ways to treat the new mothers in the maternity ward with an extra dose of care and comfort. If you are stuck looking for charming ways to help new mothers feel more energized and comfortable in your maternity ward, here are some simple tips you can follow:

1. Redecorate or Even Remodel

A little decoration can go a long way. How would you feel if you spent a few days sitting in a dimly lit, plain, white-walled room? If you’re like most people, you’d probably feel a little depressed or uninspired. But, birthing a child is supposed to be one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life!

If your hospital’s maternity ward and rooms lack inspiration and charm, it’s never too late to change that with a little bit of pizazz from soft, subtle decorations or a new coat of fun paint colors! Be careful on your timing, though. Pregnant women are sensitive to smells and paint fumes aren’t part of the recipe for a great birth. If you are going to paint, you should relocate your ward to a different hospital wing temporarily. Newborns should not be exposed to paint fumes.

You can even take it a step further by opting for a remodel. Whether that means redesigning the rooms so pregnant women experience better mobility or knocking down the walls for bigger rooms, a remodel will go a long way in providing great hospitality to the women in your wing.

2. Slip Her Toes Into Slippers

Pregnancy is hard work! And her tired, achy, swollen feet deserve a break. Whether she wants to relax in a recliner or stay in bed, slippers can help soothe her feet. The plush material and squishy soft feeling of the slippers on her feet will help her unwind in a new and relaxing way in the middle of her hospital stay.

When choosing slippers for your maternity ward, you might want to take a survey of your patients. See what feels best on your swollen feet and see how else you can provide more comfort for them.

We suggest opting for an adjustable slipper, such as the Open-Toe Velcro choice available from Boca Terry. With a Velcro strap, she can make her slippers as snug or as loose as she needs them to be. Maybe she wants them a little looser while she’s in her room but a little tighter as she walks the halls. Providing that option might make all the difference for her.

Just remember, she might need a little help adjusting them!

3. Bundle Her Up in Bathrobes

During pregnancy, many women joke that they almost feel like they live at the doctor’s office or hospital! Between tours of the ward to OB-GYN visits, they grow more and more familiar with those clean walls and waxed floors.

With each visit, you can take it a step further. Make her feel more welcome and comfortable by providing a fresh, clean bathrobe.

Women experience a lot of changes during childbirth. Because their body goes through these changes quickly, it’s not uncommon for her to experience a little bit of pain and discomfort—especially during the birth!

It goes without saying that a warm and fuzzy robe can help patients unwind and de-stress during procedures—and labor is no exception! During one of the biggest moments in her life, help her feel calm, cool, and collected. After all, bringing a life into this world is a big job!

4. Be a Hospitable Hospital

Pamper your patients, and make them feel like royalty. By providing maternity bathrobes, doctors and nurses help to improve overall patient experience. And that’s the right thing to do for the brave women giving birth in your ward today.

Best of all, your patients might recommend your ward to others in the future! If they have an outstanding experience with you, your doctors and nurses, you better believe their friends and family are going to hear about it!

5. Be the Best Hospital You Can Be with Boca Terry

It’s always the right time to improve your hospital in any way you see fit. Your patients matter to you, so it’s the right thing to do. Whether that means reimagining the wards in your hospital or providing your patients with the best wardrobe selections, you should be willing and ready to go the extra mile for your patients. Invest in the best and improve your patients’ experience with Boca Terry bathrobes and slippers. Contact us today for a quote or to place your order!

We have a team of bathrobe manufacturers and experts who are excited to walk you through the easy process, ready to answer any questions you have.




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