Increase Customer Retention with These Unique Giveaways

Increase Customer Retention with These Unique Giveaways

Published on Dec 12th 2013

Increase Customer Retention with These Unique GiveawaysGiveaways are the best type of advertising, and companies all over the world are realizing this as over $20 billion is spent every year purchasing products to give to customers for the sole purpose of increasing brand awareness and loyalty. At Boca Terry, we are well aware of the power of a great giveaway, which is by definition something that people can use and, more importantly, want to use in their daily lives.

Making People Feel Good

As one of the premier providers of giveaway merchandise, we know that a bathrobe speaks volumes when it comes to showing loyal and potential customers how much you value quality and customer care. By choosing a Boca Terry robe for your giveaway event, you are making a strong statement that speaks volumes about your attention to detail when it comes to making people feel good.

Seeing Your Emblem Everyday

A great bathrobe is a luxury that many people will not necessarily buy for themselves. Because a robe is something practical, they will use it at home, by the pool, on the beach, and at the spa. When you give away a beautifully designed robe that features your logo, people will remember you by seeing your emblem everyday and associate you with that happy feeling the robe gives them.

Seeking Out Your Brand

The underlying psychology behind giveaways is that they play upon human nature’s tendency to feel like one must give back after receiving. When your loyal or potential customers wear your giveaway robe, they will more likely seek out and select your brand over the competition in thanks for your generosity.

Impressing Your Public

While a Boca Terry robe looks expensive, they are incredibly affordable. By giving our robes as a unique giveaway, it appears that you have spent a lot of money, which speaks of your generosity, and this goes a long way when it comes to impressing your public.

Customizing With Your Logo

By giving a luxury robe away, you are making a strong statement that you care about your potential and loyal customers. When it is customized with an exquisitely embroidered logo that epitomizes what you stand for, the robe also encourages the wearer to feel like he or she is a part of your special club.

Easy and Cost Effective to Order in Bulk

Because our bathrobes come in one-size-fits-all, unisex styles, they are extremely easy and cost effective to order in bulk. You can choose from any one of our many models to create an especially unique giveaway that will endure through time due to their classic yet contemporary styling, combined with our impeccable manufacturing and production methods.

Thanking Customers and Employees for Their Loyalty

A bathrobe is the perfect way to thank your customers and employees for their loyalty. With Christmas and other special holiday events just around the corner, what better gifts to give those who have helped make your business so successful?

Wholesale and Retail Experts

Boca Terry has over 50 years of combined experience when it comes to creating luxury robes. Our wholesale clients range from exclusive hotels to spas, cruise lines, hospitals, resorts, promotional companies, and more, all of whom come from all over the globe. Our retail division is another area that attracts worldwide clients, many of whom have experienced the feel of our products in hospitality settings and want to bring that feeling home.

Exceptional Design and Craftsmanship

The exceptional design of a Boca Terry robe means that any body type will take on an elegant look and a sleek silhouette. Our robes feature fabrics that have been sourced from the best suppliers. We also understand that craftsmanship is what makes the difference, and our employees are all highly trained to ensure the best when it comes to stitching, looping, and creating products that endure. Additionally, our quality control is legendary, whereby not a single piece escapes us that is not perfectly created to satisfy our strict requirements.

Here are some examples of robes that will help increase customer retention when you select them for your unique giveaway campaign:

Waffle Weave

The Boca Terry Waffle Weave bathrobe is created to keep the body warm in cool environments and cool when the weather changes. With small panels that absorb
excess moisture while holding in oils and creams to keep skin soft, this model is the epitome of a robe that spells comfort and ease.

Coming in Diamond, Seashell, or Multi-Waffle designs, they feature double belt loops, large pockets, and a sturdy loop for hanging located on the back. With carefully woven fibers stitched with attention to detail, the robes are durable enough to withstand countless launderings without losing their original luster.

Choose the Organic Lightweight Waffle robe made with 100% certified organic cotton from seeds grown without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or any other chemical. Or select the Kimono Waffle made with a true Japanese aesthetic in cotton or a cotton and polyester blend. Our lush Knit Waffle is another popular style, available with a shawl collar or in Kimono style made with modal fibers, cotton and polyester.


Terrycloth robes are classic, fashionable and infinitely comfortable and comforting. Ours are made with the best looping techniques to assure the ultimate in absorption. Pick our hooded terry for warmth and protection from head to toe, or our shawl collar style with large cuffs, ample pockets, and double loops for adjusting to individual waist height.

Creating a Unique Robe for Your Giveaway Event

Our experts can help you with a great design for your embroidered logo if you don’t already have one. They will help create a unique robe for your giveaway event, with personalized touches that reflect your own aesthetic.

Contact Us

For more information on how to make your giveaway promotion as unique as can be and to create greater excitement about your brand through our luxury bathrobes, please contact us today! We can be reached by phone at (877) 421-6001 or through the form on our Contact Us page.

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