January White Sale Items You Need to Buy

January White Sale Items You Need to Buy

Published on Dec 30th 2014

This month is the perfect time for shopping. With the holidays behind us and a new year upon us, now is the time to start again fresh—and that goes for your linens, too! Don’t forget about the classic January white sale!

What is a January White Sale?

While January White Sales still take place in today’s day and age, they are nowhere near as popular as the sales of Januarys past. Historically, January White Sales have been known to discount household items that typically come in white—particularly linens. It all started in 1878 when John Wanamaker from the Philadelphia Department Store decided to offer a sale on bed linens—which, at the time, were only offered in white!

What to Buy

Typically, White Sale items are linens, curtains, and other household items. However, the sales are not limited to these items. Here are some of our favorite essentials when it comes to a good January White Sale:

1. Sheets & Linens

The most traditional White Sale items, this is the perfect time of the year to stock up. From plain white to fun and bright, there is no better time of the year to buy linens.

2. Curtains

Another classic White Sale-find, curtains are a great item to invest in during this time of the year. You are sure to find great deals on this household staple.

3. Blankets

Try a lightweight, white Waffle Blanket. Our popular blanket is soft, luxurious, and affordable, of course!

4. Bathrobes

One of our White Sale favorites is a pure, white bathrobe. The perfect garment for warm or cold weather, bathrobes are an excellent amenity in a hotel, a home, or a hospital. One of the most important things to remember is a sleek, chic bathrobe! Whether you want it plush and pretty or simple and soft, there is always a bathrobe for you.

5. Towels

Even CBS notes that White Sales in January are an excellent time to buy towels! When you are on the lookout, you know exactly where to go: Boca Terry offers top quality, affordable bath and beach towels to will meet and exceed your expectations, without ever breaking the bank.

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