Kohl’s Done Gone Crazy With a "Ghetto Fab Wig"

Kohl’s Done Gone Crazy With a "Ghetto Fab Wig"

Published on Oct 18th 2010

Im sorry but can they BE anymore insulting??? Do you know Kohl’s actually has this wig on sale? And that is not the kicker, what bothers me is that they have it on sale and named it the “Ghetto Fab Wig”…..WTF?!!? Have they lost it completely!?

Where are the PR people? Who the hell is in charge of marketing?? I just can not understand how they let this name slide by. I must say one thing, if they were looking for publicity, they got it!

On a side not though, im not going to lie and say that this wig is not cute because i know it is and you know it is but this name has got to go.

UPDATE: So i just read on the Kohl’s official twitter page that they will be taking the name down. Just in case they take it down before you can see it, i got a screenshot :).

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