Ladies Bathrobes For Luxury Spas

Ladies Bathrobes For Luxury Spas

Published on Sep 20th 2012

best bathrobes for womenThe Meaning of Luxury

Luxury literally means “the state of great comfort and extravagant living.” And this is exactly what feeling spa owners try to create in their facilities, from the initial phone call for reservations, to the first step through the door, to the last touch of fabulous service. In fact, nothing says luxury to a woman like a day at the spa. And what can set your spa apart from other spas? By creating an environment of great comfort with ladies luxury bathrobes.

The Five Senses – All Deserve to Be Soothed

The best way to create an environment of great comfort is to fill every possible space with opportunities to enliven the senses. All five senses need to be pampered because each sense adds a heightened level of satisfaction to the overall experience. From soft soothing sounds to satisfy the sense of hearing; to extravagant yet simple dining options to sooth the taste buds; to pleasing color combinations and beautiful works of art to calm the sense of sight; to pleasing aromas wafting gently by to tempt the sense of smell; to the softest textures of every fabric to soothe the sense of touch, every detail is important. Of the five senses, which is the most important? When it comes to comfort, sensation and touch top the list.


Touch Sensitivity

Therefore, as a spa owner trying to create a luxury environment, it is of utmost importance that you pay close attention to what items are creating the opportunity for satisfying the sense of touch. And what satisfies the sensation of touch more than the very fabrics that touch a woman’s skin? Because all the activities at a spa are centered on cleansing, pampering and relaxing, and everything is done with a great sense of detail and sensitivity, what is the closest thing to a women’s body when she is at a spa? The answer to that simple question is the bathrobe that she slips into to make her way around the spa to her different activities and treatments or to simply lounge in during moments of absolute relaxation. Therefore it is vital that the very thing that is closest to a women’s body during her intimate, relaxing experience be of the highest quality. It must match or even exceed the experience she expects to have.
In fact, the bathrobe could be the key factor to setting the entire tone of the overall spa experience. Truly, a day at the spa is not really a day at the spa without a luxury bathrobe.

In order to provide the experience of absolute comfort and luxury it is important that you, as spa owner or manager seek the best when it comes to luxury bathrobes for women. Boca Terry  Luxury Bathrobes makes your experience easy. Visit their website at or call Toll Free at 877-421-6001 to find the best luxury bathrobes for your spa. They will be more than happy to help you select the finest, most luxurious bathrobes to help you complete the overall experience you are trying to create for your spa.

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