Ladies, Don’t Try This At Home!

Ladies, Don’t Try This At Home!

Published on Nov 9th 2009


Ok, so as I mentioned before, I’ve been in flux for a bit, as I get ready to leave the country.  Unfortunately, my hair has gone to pot.

For one thing, I haven’t been washing it in a timely fashion.  I was also doing a lot of yoga and the sweating dried out my hair.  Another thing, sleeping with a scarf was a challenge, as I literally often didn’t know where the dang scarf was, hahaha.

Sleeping without a scarf causes the pillow to absorb oil from the hair while roughing up the cuticle.  As a result, my hair is the driest it’s ever been! The cuticle is rough and my entire head is very tangled.  This is the absolute worst shape it’s been in.   I actually feel like years and decades of meticulous grooming have gone right out the window.

What’s my strategy?  The main thing is to smooth the cuticle down again, otherwise combing out my hair, even while wet and oiled and conditioned, will lead to breakage.

I did the no-poo thing with Giovanni’s 50/50 conditioner and made several large twists.  There was a lot of breakage.  That was a few days ago.  In a couple of days, I’ll go through this process again using a leave-in conditioner and much smaller twists and clip the ends.

I wish there was some magic ingredient I could use on my hair to immediately fix it but even my beloved castor oil won’t do it.

The biggest lesson I learned is to not neglect my hair NO MATTER WHAT!

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