Achieving a Leaner, Smarter Hotel Luxury

Achieving a Leaner, Smarter Hotel Luxury

Published on Nov 3rd 2017

According to this 2017 hospitality trend, ditch the golden faucets and gilded stairways and focus instead on a leaner, smarter hotel luxury.

Earlier this year, the travel gurus at Skift put together a list of “10 Hotel Trends That Will Shape Guest Experience in 2017.” These trends included a focus on good design, an evolution in loyalty programs, and—most notably—redefined luxury. According to skiff, if you’re looking to achieve leaner, smarter hotel luxury, focus on authentic luxury experiences.

“Personalized Service”

Marriott recently announced a change in direction due to the looming and growing threat of Airbnb. To win over millennials, the hotel chain is teaming up with popular mobile applications. Facebook and WeChat will help Marriott personalize the booking experience. Marriott is also experimenting with amenities such as concierge robots that will deliver resort-style towels right to your suite.

“Community and Place”

Cachet Boutique NYC has a luxury charm that stems in part from its identity and its inherent relationship with Manhattan. From its locally sourced farm-to-table restaurant to the revival of the Playboy Club, CBNYC captures the essence of luxury in New York City.


As Skift writes, the common areas “don’t have to be gilded in gold to be deemed luxury.” Instead, when investing in leaner, smarter hotel luxury, invest in craftsmanship. The heart of good design is a well-built foundation.

“Having a Story to Tell”

When guests step foot in your hotel, they should be swept away by the story that’s told. From the reception desk to the velour kimono bathrobes hanging in the suite—every element contributes to the narrative. To achieve that leaner, smarter hotel luxury, tell an enchanting and authentic story.

To discover how these hospitality trends have shaped hotels, resorts and cruise lines around the globe, join Boca Terry at the Boutique Design Trade Fair on November 12th and 13th in New York City.



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