The Most Luxurious Gyms in the U.S. – Part 2

The Most Luxurious Gyms in the U.S. – Part 2

Published on Nov 25th 2017

To rival the most luxurious gyms in America, the key is rethinking “fitness.” Luxury gym facilities provide opportunities for alternative workouts, wellness, recovery, and indulgence.

Last month, we explored 3 of the most luxurious gyms in America—including a secret bunker used by Batman himself. This month, we’re discussing the must-have amenities of the country’s most lavish fitness facilities. Achieving luxury status is possible for any gym, and it doesn’t start with a retina scanner at the front door. Instead, it begins with rethinking “fitness.”

Alternative Workouts

Fitness fads come and go. Still, the most luxurious gyms are able to provide space, equipment and knowledgeable trainers to support multiple varieties of workout. Whether it’s CrossFit, spinning or Pilates, you must make sure your members feel supported at your facility.


Luxury gyms can’t afford to skimp on recovery. In addition to basic treatments, top-of-the-line fitness facilities provide revitalizing facials, scrubs and enhancements. These recovery sessions help maintain their clients’ health and vitality.


The most luxurious gyms understand that their clients are paying sizable membership fees to achieve whole wellness. “Wellness” combines fitness, health and nutrition into one package. For this reason, nutrition counseling, juice and smoothie bars, and cafes with nourishing post-workout meal options are crucial on-site amenities.


For many, it’s all about the spa. The most luxurious gyms create an illusion: The spa is not a communal space shared by sweaty strangers. The spa is a private sanctuary. They achieve this with executive changing rooms, lockers with digital keypads, on-site laundry service, spacious showers, relaxation pools, and “regeneration rooms.” Each room in your luxury spa should be equipped with freshly laundered resort-style towels, microfiber robes and spa accessories.

So, you might not have adequate space or funding to provide private changing cabanas, golf simulators, and four heated Olympic-sized pools. However, when it comes to modern-day luxury, experience, atmosphere and elegant bathrobes are more important than square footage and price tags.

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