Luxury Bedding for Hotels: Boca Terry’s Waffle Blanket

Luxury Bedding for Hotels: Boca Terry’s Waffle Blanket

Published on Jun 16th 2014

After a long, draining day of travel, you arrive at your hotel. After checking in with the receptionist, you head to the third floor, where your room for the next few days waits. You walk down the long hallway, and there she is—your beautiful, glowing hotel room. You enter the room, drop all of your baggage, and immediately plop down onto the bed, exhausted. The freshly washed sheets, blanket, and pillowcases smell slightly of bleach. Knowing this room is immaculately clean allows you to fully relax and unwind after your stressful travels.

What Guests Want

A hotel can offer as many outstanding amenities as they would like and still fail to meet a customer’s needs. Although providing guests with a large gym, a clean, Olympic sized pool, and a great downtown location are promising features that guests enjoy, these are not the factors that complete a guest’s experience.

Amazing Amenities

What, then, can hotels do to ensure their patrons are happy? No matter what a hotel offers, ultimately they need to provide guests with a clean room and a comfortable bed. Regardless of the amenities, like a free breakfast buffet and easy internet access, the actual hotel room will make or break a visitor’s experience very quickly. If a room does not meet a traveler’s personal requirements, hotels can lose this customer. That doesn’t mean that hotel’s features don’t matter to guests; it just means that the room is where it really counts.

The Most Important Aspect of Travel

No matter what guests are doing during their travels (whether fun activities or long business meetings), one of the most important aspects of their time away is a good night’s sleep! To prepare for a long drive home, another long meeting, or an exciting day the nearby amusement park, your guests need peace of mind and comfort when it comes to their bed.

Hotel Horror Stories

Have you ever walked into a musty-smelling hotel room? Although you wished you could just leave, you had already paid for your night’s stay, and there was a strict no-refund policy. What about that time you found a couple of fruit flies on the nightstand? You swore they were bedbugs but, without access to the internet, there was no way of knowing for sure. It’s true: We have all had a questionable hotel experience.

Cleanliness and Comfort

A huge factor in providing guests with a great room is to offer a bed with an unmatchable guarantee of comfort and cleanliness. When visitors enter their room, they want to be welcomed by a plush, soft bed with an excellent mattress topper and crisp, clean, white sheets and blankets. Why white? Not only is it easy to spot a grimy white sheet, but bleach kills bacteria. A clean, white bedspread provides guests with the peace of mind that their stay will be a sanitary stay.

Terrified Travelers

That being said, one of travelers’ greatest fears is the dreaded hotel comforter. We have all heard the terrifying tales: comforters aren’t cleaned because they are too bulky to fit into the washing machine.

According to CNN, “It’s certainly true that bedspreads, or the quilts inside duvet covers, don’t get thrown in with the sheets for a daily wash . . . In some cases, the cover that protects a duvet may not be changed from one guest to another if the bed has a top and bottom sheet” (Hunter). It’s true, sometimes hotels forgo washing comforters and duvets because they are too large, too heavy, and take up too much room. Fortunately for hotel guests, there is another option on the market.

Put Your Guests’ Fears to Rest

Don’t let your guests live in fear. Avoid sporting heavy, unwashed comforters by investing in Boca Terry’s Waffle Blanket. This blanket is light, thin, and easy to clean. Finally, there is a more sanitary option for hotel comforters! Put your visitors’ fears (and bodies) to rest with our Waffle Blanket.

Air Conditioning

Another difficulty with hotel rooms is that it seems impossible to get the temperature just right. Often, hotel-style air conditioning systems blast cold air all night. Rather than adhering to a set temperature, they pump out hot, cold, or warm air, based on the settings. Guests might be wary of using these systems for fear that they might freeze overnight.

Goodbye Uncomfortable Comforter

Lucky for visitors, they won’t need to ditch their blanket, like many do with a comforter. Gone are the days of using an uncomfortable, dirty comforter. Our Waffle Blanket will help keep guests at just the right temperature, as it is lighter than bulky comforters.

What Makes this Blanket so Great?

Not only is our blanket the perfect weight, but at 67% cotton and 33% polyester, this blanket is soft, smooth, and soothing. The textured pattern feels great against your guests’ skin.

Ready for Happy Hotel Guests?

Hotel owners and managers, if you are ready to treat your guests to the pampering and peace of mind they deserve, then it is time to invest in Waffle Blankets for your hotel rooms! We offer high quality products at competitive prices. Want your online reviews to skyrocket with satisfied customers? For questions about the product, or to learn about our wholesale pricing, contact us, today!


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