Luxury Hotel Bathrobes Are the New Selfie Obsession: Capitalize on the trend this Holiday Season!

Luxury Hotel Bathrobes Are the New Selfie Obsession: Capitalize on the trend this Holiday Season!

Published on Dec 1st 2018

The selfie fashion has been steadily growing for what it seems like a really long time and businesses are jumping on the bandwagon to get promoted through it.

As the luxury bathrobe takes center stage and becomes the latest must-have accessory among the selfie set, hoteliers around the world are rushing to ensure they have the perfectly fluffy, pristinely white robes to tempt their guests into providing them with a little free publicity.

Hotel bathrobes may have once seemed like an insignificant detail during a stay, or an extravagant indulgence depending on your point of view, but the latest bathrobe selfie trend has made them a sound business investment.

Ingenious marketing

With Instagram alone boasting over 200,000+ images accompanied by the hashtag #bathrobe and its variants, this is one trend hoteliers cannot afford to miss on. Not only does
it provide an exceptional opportunity to increase your visibility, but it’s also a chance to make a statement about your brand’s quality and style.

Whether you’re providing a distinguished pinstripe, a quirky and unusual pattern, a pure lush white or opting for something in your brand’s colors, every new selfie exposes your hotel to potential new clients. Luxurious bathrobes will paint you as an exclusive high-end hotel, while using stylish robes will garner you the attention of fashionistas and hipsters, demonstrating that you’re all about the experience of your guests.

As the holidays approach

Why not treat your guests with the plushiest festive bathrobes that evoke all the coziness and warmth of the holiday season, while being in style for those coveted selfies? They will feel comfortable, appreciated and taken care of amidst your picture-perfect accommodations.

The perfect luxury bathrobes

If you’re looking for the ideal hotel bathrobe, then look no further than Boca Terry’s exceptional range. Soft and sumptuous, they’re beautiful to look at and available with your hotel’s name or logo in pristine embroidery to capitalize on the selfie market. These robes provide you with the perfect chance to show off your brand in style.

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