Luxury Wedding Day Bathrobes for Brides & Bridesmaids

Luxury Wedding Day Bathrobes for Brides & Bridesmaids

Published on Aug 14th 2017

The wedding dress may take the cake, but these luxury wedding day bathrobes for brides and bridesmaids are key to a cozy, well-dressed celebration.

It’s all about the wedding dress. Brides spend months seeking out the perfect dress and the perfect accessories (all at the perfect price). But what does the bride wear when she’s not in the dress? These luxury wedding day bathrobes for brides and bridesmaids ensure that the bridal party is cozy, stress-free and thankful for every costume change.

In the morning, the bridal party hits the spa, salon or hotel sauna. So, your best bet is the Microfiber Shawl Collar Bathrobe. These luxury wedding day bathrobes can be embroidered with the bride’s name or initials. To help the bride stand out, gift her a personalized Microfiber Robe with Plush Lining. It’s the same chic, classic robe, but this one is even more sumptuous with a lavish polyester lining.

After the morning’s activities, brides and bridesmaids head to the suite to meet the hair and make-up crew. Photographers will often take pictures of the bride during this time; therefore, the bridal party must look effortlessly elegant. Enter the Jersey Robe, an airy, classically styled and low-maintenance bathrobe crafted from fine cotton jersey. Brides and bridesmaids can also indulge in a pair of microterry closed toe slippers—which can also be customized—for added comfort.

Once all is said and done, the newlyweds will retreat to the room for some much-needed R&R. Brides can unwind in a Pink Kimono Satin Robe, a sexy, playful bathrobe made from 100% polyester. Bridesmaids need not feel left out: Satin bridesmaid robes are the perfect bridal party gift.


You don’t need week or months to find the most luxury wedding day bathrobes for brides and bridesmaids. All of these spa-quality robes and slippers are available for both wholesale and retail purchase at

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