Manufacturer of Monogrammed Bathrobes for Ski Resorts in Canada

Manufacturer of Monogrammed Bathrobes for Ski Resorts in Canada

Published on Nov 4th 2013

Manufacturer of Monogrammed Bathrobes for Ski Resorts in CanadaOne of the most enjoyable experiences after coming in from a long day’s run on the slopes is to shower and slip into one of the lush bathrobes we make at Boca Terry. After being out in the cold, what could be more sensuous that warming up in the embrace of sumptuous terrycloth, knit waffle, or fleece lined robe that enfolds you like a cloud?

Enjoyed By Winter Vacationers

As a highly respected distributor of luxury bathrobes and spa accessories since 1996, Boca Terry has been supplying the hospitality industry around the world with our highly customized products. Now, to the delight of those frequenting ski resorts in Canada, our robes have found their way into yet another area where they can be enjoyed by winter vacationers.

Close Encounters with Boca Terry Robes

By now there are very few people in the world who have not experienced the luxurious sensation of one of our robes draped around their shoulders or wrapped around their waists. We can almost guarantee that if you’ve been in a top tier hotel, bed & breakfast, inn, casino, or spa anywhere in the world, you have had a close encounter with one of our products.

Keeping Your Brand at the Forefront

Buyers from every corner of the globe are coming to us as they become more aware of how important customer ratings have become in terms of keeping their brand at the forefront of the industry. Because bathrobes rate as extremely important amenities, it is essential to select those that are manufactured with the utmost attention to detail.

Our Impeccable Standards

At Boca Terry, we not only use the highest end fabrics, but also have trained our team to observe the impeccable standards we impose when it comes to looping and stitching. Each bathrobe that leaves any one of our warehouses has been inspected to make sure it has been created to perfection.

Customized Embroidery

Customized embroidery is one of Boca Terry’s specialties. When you want your brand to become a household name, you will need to have your logo, design, or monogram embroidered on your towels and robes, which is one of the best forms of advertising.

An Added Mark of Attention to Customer Care

Canadian ski resorts realize that providing monogrammed bathrobes for their guests is an added mark of generous attention to customer care. Wearing a robe that features the logo of the resort is a way to create a sense of belonging to an exclusive club. Whether for lounging after a hot bath, or in the resort spa, a Boca Terry bathrobe creates the perfect impression for both its practicality and its style.

The Difference Affordable Top Tier Products Make

Boca Terry began producing exceptional robes when we realized how essential it was that the hospitality industry be equipped with products that feel like a million dollars, but with a price tag that every business can afford. As the market keeps expanding, we understand now more than ever that this is true. As the competition intensifies with so many more ski resorts, boutique hotels, luxury spas, and even hospitals vying for occupancy, these establishments recognize that having affordable top-tier products can make all the difference.

Keeping Costs Down

At Boca Terry, we do not have a middleman to up the ante on price. We source all of our own materials, with each piece handpicked for its quality and durability. Our production processes also ensure that our products will last, and this is another way that we help to keep your costs down. When you order for your ski resort, you know you are getting robes that can endure the countless washing and drying that is inherent in the resort business. When you place your next order, it will not be because the robes are worn out, but rather because you want to amplify your assortment of styles!


Our robes are made as one-size-fits-all, which means you don’t have to worry about sustaining an inventory of small, medium, and larges. If you want to order plus sizes for your more ample guests, this can be done through a special order and you will get a robe that drapes beautifully and stylishly. We also take other types of special orders, so if you want to add something that you do not see in our catalogue, please feel free to consult with our design team so that we can accommodate you as you see fit.

Our Design Team

Speaking of our design team, our design and embroidery experts are always available to help you design or re-design a monogram, logo, or design to suit your brand. Whether it is a color or color combination, a font, or a new concept, we are able to work with you in order to come up with just the right representation of your brand.

Guests Want One of Their Own!

As a supplier of monogrammed bathrobes for ski resorts in Canada, we are finding that many guests are requesting their own personal supplies. And after experiencing the sensational feel of our robes, why wouldn’t they want one of their own? Additionally, many guests are buying our robes for their friends and family. With the monogram or logo of a great ski resort, it is the perfect reminder that fun and comfort can so easily go hand in hand.

A Great Way to Remember Your Services

If you are like many Canadian ski resorts, you already have an in-house or online boutique of your own. Placing the Boca Terry robes you offer at your establishment is a wonderful way of encouraging your guests to remember your excellent services when their next vacation comes around.

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