The Ultimate Massage Therapy Guide

The Ultimate Massage Therapy Guide

Published on Sep 1st 2017

Whether you’re new to massage or a seasoned spa expert, this massage therapy guide will illustrate the many treatment options available to you.

So, you’ve made it to the spa. Once you slip out of your spa robe and open-toe slippers, which massage are you going to get? To help you decide, we’ve created the ultimate massage therapy guide. Check out the descriptions below so you can decipher deep tissue from thai.

Swedish: Best for full-body muscle relaxation, the Swedish massage begins with broad strokes. Then, the masseuse will use specific strokes to address particular concerns. In this highly popular massage, your therapist will use the following techniques:

  • “Effleurage” – long strokes
  • “Petrissage” – muscle kneading and rolling
  • Tapotement” – fast, percussion-like tapping, chopping and pounding
  • Friction – using the thumb, fingertips or knuckles

Thai: In this energizing massage, the therapist moves you into various stretching postures on the floor and then applies pressure.

Deep Tissue: A therapeutic massage using slow strokes and deep pressure. The deep tissue massage addresses problem areas, long-term tightness, painful muscles, and injuries.

Aromatherapy: A Swedish massage with essential oils, which are known to provide relaxation and help relieve pain.

Reflexology: “Shoes off” for this relaxing hands-and-feet massage, during which the therapist puts pressure on certain reflex points.

Hot Stone: Smooth, heated stones are placed on the body to help loosen tight muscles. The therapist also uses the stones to massage the body during the treatment.

Shiatsu: In this ancient Japanese “finger pressure” massage, therapists use their fingers, hands and elbows to apply pressure to various points.

Chair: Popular in malls and airports, the Chair Massage is not a full-body treatment. However, it can certainly remove unwanted tension from the upper body.

Consulting this massage therapy guide is only the beginning. Book an appointment at your nearby spa and schedule a shiatsu or a hot stone massage today. You won’t know what suits you best until you try.


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