Meet Aspen – The Heart & Soul of Boca Terry

Meet Aspen – The Heart & Soul of Boca Terry

Published on Nov 27th 2013

Meet Aspen - The heart & soul of Boca TerryIn light of giving thanks during the holidays, and cherishing your loved ones, we would like to introduce our shoppers to the one and only — Aspen!

Aspen is the heart of the Boca Terry office. Although he’s Edward’s dog on paper, he has been a member of the Boca Terry team since he was a pup. We all had the joy of having a lap dog at the office until he got too big.


Meet Aspen - The heart & soul of Boca TerryNowadays, Aspen is strutting his stuff and giving everyone a warm welcome each and every day as the official door greeter at Boca Terry’s office. Upon entering the office, you’re bound to get a gracious welcoming as Aspen ferociously wags his tail and bounces around staff with pure glee. He’s made such an impression that even the FedEx driver brings him a dog biscuit every day.


Meet Aspen - the heart & soul of Boca TerryDuring any given workday, you’re sure to have Aspen at your side when he isn’t tending to Edward. All of us at Boca Terry can agree that Aspen has a remarkable disposition, along with the most beautiful eyes!


He effortlessly puts everyone in a good mood and makes the Boca Terry office an especially pleasant place to be.

Warm wishes from Boca Terry’s MVP, Aspen!Meet Aspen - the heart & soul of Boca Terry

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