Merry X-Mas!!

Merry X-Mas!!

Published on Dec 25th 2010

Merry X-Mas!!

The Black and White party that i told you guys about was this past sunday and planning was crazy! I was ready to lose my mind with all the stress that comes with planning a party but it went off without hitch and i started drinking early because when i went to walmart to pic up some stuff, the ppl that made the sandwich trays pissed me off.

Any who, this is the outfit i settled on! I love it even though it wasnt
my first choice. I was in a panic b/c the skirt i bought for it didnt
come in until the day BEFORE  the party but i didnt like the combo with the shirt so i wore this skirt instead.

My brother was the photographer at the party.. isnt he amazing!

Me and the S/O

Me and 2 of my sisters

Me and the aunts! (well some of my family is huge)

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