Method Man Doesn’t Like Natural Hair…. Who Cares???

Method Man Doesn’t Like Natural Hair…. Who Cares???

Published on Feb 2nd 2011


When recently asked in an interview if he liked women with natural hair, Method Man responded:

“No. I don’t like peasy afros, sorry. I don’t like dreads either. I like a woman to get her hair did.



Via Fashion Bomb

We’re all entitled to our own opinion, our own likes and dislikes. You would hope that people would be respectful of other’s choices, whether permed or natural, and not pass judgment on someone else’s hair, saying it looks ‘peasy‘ or ‘undid.‘ But it’s Method Man, do we really expect him to be politically correct?

When I first saw this video, I wrote Method Man’s comments off as a preference. A lot of women may not like men with bald heads, or men with dreads…but he could have used a better choice of words and be a little bit more considerate towards women who chose to wear their hair in it’s “natural” state. Besides, just because a woman wears her hair “natural” doesn’t mean that it’s “a peasy afro”, “dreads” or is not straight or “done”. (you tell him ms.necole)

I think African American women get slammed for their choice to wear weaves or perm their hair all of the time, when it seems that a lot of women do it because they feel that is what AA men like and are attracted to nowadays.

I say, opinions are like assholes. Wear your hair however you feel and do what makes you comfortable.

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