Michael McCarthy: The Man with the Plan

Michael McCarthy: The Man with the Plan

Published on Nov 26th 2014

Michael McCarthy: The Man with the PlanBoca Terry’s owner, Edward Cohen, has known Michael McCarthy for a number of years. We finally decided to sit down with Michael and take the chance to get to know him a bit better, ourselves. Here is what we learned about his career accomplishments, and about his day-to-day life at Addison Reserve Country Club:

As the CEO and General Manager for Addison Reserve Country Club, what does your typical workday look like?

My day starts at about 4am and that’s “my” time when I read and knock out all my emails. After that, I try to get myself to the gym and head into work around 7:30am. It’s all about managing by walking around in this business. I start at the fitness center, work my way up to the tennis and golf area, and then to our clubhouse facilities where they serve complimentary bagels and coffee, and there I see more members. I have meetings that consume my day until noon and after that I’m out with our team members and club members. Before I depart, I take a walk through our 4 restaurant areas. I am always sure to see our members and team before I leave in the evening — that’s very important to me.

What do you believe members enjoy most about the country club?

I believe they enjoy our employees most and probably one another. It’s a boutique community; they like the personalized service we’re able to provide for them. Our team knows our members’ names, what they like to eat, and what they like to drink. It’s a customized, personalized experience for them. Of course, our facilities are top notch, but it comes down to the people at the end of the day. I’ve always said that the “sense of the club, is in the people, not the silver”.

What is your personal favorite aspect about working at the club?

We’re challenged everyday. I don’t think any day here is ever the same. When you’re touching several thousand people every day, between members and staff, there are a lot of curveballs thrown your way. You’ve got to be on your feet, and able to manage it.

We take pride in providing an exceptional experience for our members. Really, we’re in the happiness business, and we enjoy that.

We noticed that Addison recently packed boxes for the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach. What are some other ways the Country Club strives to benefit the community or others?

We believe in giving back to the community. In fact, tomorrow we are hosting a fundraising Charity Golf Tournament to benefit the Tee it Up for the Troops, Inc. where we bring in about 40 service men and women; they are paired off with our members, and enjoy the day on the course. They get to have an experience they’ve never had before, and spend a day playing golf, eating, and enjoying the club.  We are proud to be an integral part of this cause and happy to raise funds to give back to those men and women that have given so much for us.

The Addison Reserve Pap Corps has raised millions of dollars to enable and support Cancer Research at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami. This year we will have a huge Bazaar before the holidays, with lots of places to shop, and a percentage of those proceeds will be offered to the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Jewish Federation is large charity here as well. We are also involved with Toys for Tots, the Israeli Children’s Tennis Center, Jafco, and the Florence Fuller Centers, just to name a few.

One of the things that make me proud of what we do here is the heart of our members. They are always willing to assist. In fact, our employees at Addison Reserve are all H.E.A.R.T. (Humanitarians Excelling at Achieving Results Together).  Last spring, our employees, led by two managers, launched a volunteer program in which our employees dedicate their time once each quarter to amazing causes throughout our local community. We’ve since participated in a food drive to benefit the local food banks and donated our time sending care packages to the active troops overseas and raised money for the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach in Lake Worth. Tomorrow, we will be participating in the Give Thanks Walk for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Although this is an employee’s charity, as soon as the members learn about it, they always offer their donations.

The Platinum Club of America ranked Addison as the 9th country club in the US in 2014. The establishment has also been given several other awards. What has been Addison’s biggest accomplishment, and why do you believe your company received it?

We were one of the first Clubs to have won the distinguished Emerald Club Award of the World. We also received an award for being one of America’s Healthiest Clubs, so our fitness and wellness clubs are being recognized.

It starts with great club governance. What our managers and team are able to accomplish wouldn’t happen without the great Board of Governors we have in place — we all work together to take care of our members. I’m fortunate to be the leader and carry out our vision for excellence with my board.

You, personally, were featured on the cover of Club Management’s November/December 2009 issue. What other career accomplishments have you achieved in the 5 years since?

The McMahon Group and Club & Resort Magazine also awarded me the “Excellence in Club Management Award” in 2006. I currently serve on the board for the National Club Manager’s Associate for America in Washington, D.C. I am also a former President for the Florida Chapter of the Club Manager’s Association of America. I work as the Vice Chairman for the Seminole Region Golf Tournament as well, along with my mentor, Jay DiPietro. We have raised over 5 million dollars for children charities, here in South Florida.

In your opinion, what sets Addison Reserve country club apart from other country clubs in the area?

Our size is unique. We’re not a small club or a monster club; it’s the perfect size where we can offer all the amenities that the big clubs offer but we can also give the personalized touch and caring towards our members because we get to know our people.

Do you believe that the quality of items and amenities you offer relates directly to the quality of your members’ experience?

Yes, for sure. Our mission statement sums it up perfectly: “Excellence is Our Standard”. We don’t waiver in excellence, and our employees and members know it. I think the entire team and our members understand that.

What Boca Terry items do you utilize on the grounds, and have you ordered any customized or embroidered products?

Our robes and some towels are Boca Terry. They’re customized, so you will see the Addison logo on them, down at our spa.

Do you feel that Boca Terry products measure up to the quality your establishment would like to be associated with?

We were using the product before I knew Mr. Cohen lived here. He’s such an unassuming man. I used their products at another establishment where I worked as well. They are the best.

How has your experience been working with Boca Terry? Has it been positive?

They’re incredible. I’ve been involved in trying to help them get into the club field. With my involvement in the Club Manager’s Association of America, together we opened some doors.

Does that mean you would recommend Boca Terry to others?

Absolutely. I would for sure.

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