my natural hair and my momp

my natural hair and my momp

Published on Feb 16th 2010


today while my mom was helping me straighten my hair for the first time since ive decided i was gonna go natural.. my mom kept making these comments like ” i don’t kno why you decided to do this. I support you but i just dont understand. it was so pretty before—i mean its still pretty—but gosh i jus wanna perm it right now”

and it jus really got to me.. i just want my hair to be thicker..i dnt have to wear it in an afro or whatever..i jus wish she would understand a little bit better and be more accepting even tho she “supports” me. i kno a lot of the people i follow/my followers are goin natural/ are natural so i kno that a lot of yall can help give me support.. because she really did make me reconsider my decision

i feel like she thinks im turnin into this freak.

im gonna prove to her that my hair will in return become thicker and healthier and “prettier”

I support your decision 100%. Your hair will be back in now time!

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