My own personal Henna experience

My own personal Henna experience

Published on Jan 21st 2010

I henna’d for the first time today and i have got to say that i am impressed with how strong and fortified my hair feels. I feel like i can lift weights with my hair right now.

Most people say they have a very hard time getting henna out of there hair but i didn’t have that problem. When i made my henna mixture, i whipped it with a handheld mixer.

I did 1 box of Jamilia Henna and 1 1/2 cup of green tea. Once i made it, i sat it in the refrigrator while i went ahead and did my mundane tasks for the night, once i was ready, i applied it section by section. I put a clear plastic shower cap on my head (you can find those at sally’s in a 30 pack i believe), i changed my pillow case, put my scarf on and went to bed.

This morning i awoke and all i could think about was how bad i wanted to go rinse and see my results. I ran a tub full of water and i made my Deep Conditioning mixture. I diped my hair a couple of times to lossen it up but it came out like magic! I had no residue left, it came out very smooth. I used a cheap conditioner (V05) to rinse it out, i dc’d, cowashed again, and then i styled!

I have been told about all the great benefits of henna but the only thing i have seen, so far, is how much it strengths hair. This is my first time doing this but i do look forward to seeing results overtime.

NOTE: No one has ever told me how this stuff smells. It smells like grass, or at least my mixture did. Idk about everybody else but that’s a side note because last night all i was thinking was “Nobody ever told me about the smell.”

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