My Stash: Coconut Oil

My Stash: Coconut Oil

Published on May 20th 2010

Ingredients: Pure Unrefined Coconut Oil

In the summer time, this is my staple and go to oil!

PRO: My hair LOVES THIS STUFF! I use it as a prepoo, oil-rinses, and in my DCs. It makes it so soft and its great for taking hairstyles down so you won’t create frizz. I just rub some on my finger tips and i take the style down!

CON: This is not an oil that you want to use in the winter, at all. It is designed to work with the room temperature. When its room temparture it melts; when its cold, it becomes solid. It solidified in my hair in the winter when i was outside and my hair was frozen until i stepped into a building with a heater on. So make a note not to use this in the winter.

NOTE: Everyone’s hair is different. MY HAIR responds well to this product. I know some people who’s hair doesn’t respond that well to it at all. Its all about figuring out what is good for YOUR HAIR. This is just a suggestion.

From a scale of 1 to 10, this product definitely gets the StrawberriCurls seal of approval for a 9.

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