My Views On Hair Typing

My Views On Hair Typing

Published on Jul 31st 2010

To put it simple ………….  I. DONT. CARE.

That’s point blank.

Why you ask?

Because in my opinion its nothing but another form of segregation. My readers have asked me to discuss it and I posted a link to another bloggers view of it but to put it simple, it’s not important to me. That’s why i don’t discuss it because its irrelavant.

It’s confusing and who really gives a damn. Does it make your hair look any better? Is there a special formulation for you just because you have a different hair type?

Regardless if your a 3c, 2b, or a 4b it shouldn’t matter because the same thing that’s works on someone with 4b hair may not work on the next 4b and vice versa. What works on this 2b may work on this 4a. It depends on the individual.

Let’s not turn curl pattern into the next “light skin vs dark skin” debate because that’s all it really circles back to. It’s just another way to be viewed as the “better negro”. That’s why I don’t entertain it. IMO, the girl with 4b hair is just as beautiful as the girl with 3c hair. Regardless of what the world might tell you.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about this topic

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