Natural Hair Care: Shampoo Bar

Natural Hair Care: Shampoo Bar

Published on Jul 19th 2011

Via The Colors Of My Life

Many Naturals have voiced their opinions about the drying, and sometimes harmful effects, of using Normal Shampoos on their Coily, Kinky, and/or Curly hair.  As a result, many Naturals have turned to Shampoo Bars made from Natural Oils and Butters to help cleanse their locks without the stripping and/or drying affect. I decided, after reading various Bloggers praise the results they received from using a Shampoo Bar, to venture to  Whole Foods and try to find a Shampoo Bar.  Although there were numerous Natural Hair Products (Shampoos, Conditioner, Treatments), there was only one Shampoo Bar – J.R. Liggett’s Shampoo Bar – Herbal Formula. So, I grabbed one in hope that it would become a staple in my hair care regime.

Results: Before using, I cut my Shampoo Bar into pieces and placed the extra pieces in a reusable bag. After rinsing my hair with luke warm water, I gently rubbed a piece of the Shampoo bar throughout my hair  and then gently massaged my scalp in a circular motions. I did notice, that unlike normal Shampoos, my hair did not feel extremely dry while I was washing or after rinsing the suds out with slightly colder water.  I will add this Shampoo Bar to my Hair Regime and will give you all a complete Review after I have used this product for a month (it takes me a few weeks to really know if a product is a good match for my hair).

Disclaimer: Everyone’s hair is unique and special. What may work on my Naturally, Coily, 4A/4b Hair  may not work on your Mane. So, please make decisions concerning products based on your hair type, not my personal advice since I’m not a Hair Doctor only a Natural Hair Lover.

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