Natural Hair “Guru” Is Such A Strong Word

Natural Hair “Guru” Is Such A Strong Word

Published on Jun 18th 2011

As i was on my favorite place to talk about hair (twitter), i was talking to the @lnaturalchica , owner of LipStixNatural, and she made a post about hair gurus. Well another blogger responded to her and i just think the whole topic is just… let’s just say drama filled. Lol.

Via Her Best Hair defines a guru as…

I read a rant over on Lipstix Natural Chica and it got me thinking… Click here to read the rant —> Natural Hair Rant: Oh So Now You’re A Guru

So what exactly makes a “natural hair guru”? I am NOT saying that there are not any natural hair gurus out there but I do wonder if we throw that title around too loosely.  Being a guru and being knowledgeable about how to care for your own hair are very different.

There are a few that label themselves “gurus” while others have been granted that title by those that admire them and their knowledge. Are there individuals that I consider gurus? Yes. They have a vast amount of knowledge and for the things they don’t know, they have established an army of resources. Being able to use what you have but admit that you don’t know it all is an admirable trait, in my opinion.

What I hate seeing the most is individuals that have suffered a setback in their healthy hair journey because they followed the advice of someone that labeled themselves a “guru.” For example, check out this post on BGLH about bad hair advice —> Bad Hair Advice Worse Than The Perm

I have also suffered my own setbacks due to taking advice from an online personality that we well-versed in their own hair care but not the care of other’s hair. That was my own fault but at the time I did not know any better. Also, who’s to say that the guru is really telling you the COMPLETE story behind their hair health and length? I have always wondered pondered that very question.

Discussing this topic is almost like beating a dead horse. If you do a search, see that the “guru” topic is one that has been addressed on youtube, blogs, and numerous hair forums. One of my favorite posts on this topic was byCurlyNikki and it is because she stated “be your own guru.” That is the best advice I can give anyone embarking on a natural hair journey.

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