Natural Hair Spotlight: Msmikamika

Natural Hair Spotlight: Msmikamika

Published on Dec 17th 2009

A 2 year natural beauty, Mikaela  aka Msmikamika is here to share her story

How long have you been natural and when did you BC?

My last relaxer was in November 2007 but I officially decided to transition in march 2007. I then big chopped on June 15th, 2007.


3 years old

6-8 years

7-8 years

What are your staple products and hairstyles?

I used kids organics shea butter detangling lotion and sofn’free n’ pretty olive oil detangler spray on a regular basis. That together with regular gel. Without the detangling spray in particular, I don’t know how I would manage my hair especially when it’s shrunken.


Kids organics shea butter detangling lotion

Sofn’free n’ pretty olive oil detangler

What are your natural hair goals?

When I just went natural I was more growth hungry. Now, I’m pretty satisfied with my length so I just aim for health and minimizing split ends and knots which I get a lot because I leave my hair open in a puff.

How do you keep your hair intact overnight?

I use a satin scarf at night.

How do you maintain length?

I really don’t have any secrets or anything. I don’t do anything special to retain length or get extra growth. I love my loose hair so much that I really can’t keep my hair in protective styles for that long on a regular basis.

Name 1 reason you went natural and why you love being natural.

Well I loved having the flowing long hair but I could not keep avoiding the fact that the chemicals and all the stuff I was doing to my hair was so damaging that I went from having thick and long natural (and relaxed ) hair to thinning hair. Every time I just touched or combed my hair I would have hair just falling out. And the floor would be covered with hair strands. That was not normal but I guess I thought that was part of the package. I think after a few persons noticed how my hair was thinning and I myself got frustrated with the situation, I decided to look for info going natural.

After I educated myself on natural hair I felt that it was indeed the best option for me.

* I Found out what those chemicals are really doing to my hair
* Realized how having my hair relaxed changed my perception of beautiful hair and the perception that I had of my own natural hair which was something that I didn’t really give a lot of thought to only when it started getting hard and dried out and then I’d be like “mann I need to get a relaxer again!” I mean what kind of mentality is that?

*I started being proud of my natural stresses and started to actually show it off as early as my transition.
* I decided I wanted to inspire others to go natural as well by giving other ladies the facts and prove to them that this is the way to go

I loved being natural because of its versatility it has done so much for my self esteem!

Relaxed Hair

June 2005

Big Chop June 2007

Her Favorite Natural Hairstyles

Ms.Mika’s Fotki

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