Natural Hair Story: Denee Jones

Natural Hair Story: Denee Jones

Published on Jun 14th 2010

How long have you been natural and when did you BC? 

This time around I’ve been natural for a little over a year. I didn’t really document this time when I BC’d, I just gradually cut my hair. I believe I started putting my hair in puffs again around April or May 2009, so I’ll say I BC’d then.

What are your staple products and hairstyles? 

I don’t really have any staple products… just whatever I can afford at the time if I run out of something. Right now I’ve been using sulfur 8 and Carol’s Daughter black vanilla shampoo (because for some reason it doesn’t take much to wash my hair with it, therefore I still have a lot). A lot of Carol’s Daughter’s products doesn’t really work on my hair though; it always leaves my hair dry and crunchy. I use a lot of headbands and I like the different styles and colors of scarves. I would have to say Puffs with my hair braided at the front (because my hair’s shorter in the front, and I don’t like using gel that much), Braid-outs, and Puffs with my hair slicked back (or braided back) on the sides with a “hair hump” in the middle, lol!

What are your natural hair goals?

 Right now my hair goals is to get my hair (when straightened) to bra strap length. I’m trying not to straighten my hair that much until I think it’s close to bra strap length to compare. I suppose my ultimate hair goal is to hair my bangs and side of my hair grow past my chin, since that seems to be the shortest part of my hair

How do you keep your hair intact overnight?

 I mostly either band my hair in sections or braid it in sections, but I always wear a hair net and silk bonnet when I sleep. This probably has more to do with my night fears of having my ears out in the open air rather than my hair, but I guess it still gets the job done, haha.

How do you maintain length?

Well since I haven’t been natural this time around for very long, I don’t believe I have much length yet, especially in the front, but I guess if I keep up my regular lazy routine of washing, conditioning and detangling, I’ll get there.

Name 1 reason you went natural and why you love being natural.

ONE reason?? hmmm. Versatility! I feel like I can do more hairstyles with my natural hair. It always has volume, and I can do my hair in any way that fits my mood, style, or season!

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