Organic Cotton Spa Wraps for Summer Season

Organic Cotton Spa Wraps for Summer Season

Published on Sep 30th 2013

Organic Cotton Spa Wraps for Summer SeasonPeople go to a spa for magic. To be enveloped in tranquility and comfort. To have all of their senses tantalized and indulged with the most entrancing smells, touches, sounds, sights, tastes. To be pampered and blown away.

When we make an appointment at a spa, the anticipation is akin to that of a much needed vacation whose time is drawing near. We are always looking for ways to get away from the stress and pressure of everyday life, to find a sublime spot on Earth where nobody and nothing will make us feel uneasy – at least for a short period of time. A spa has become a go-to destination for escaping mundane reality and shedding one’s cares, which is exactly how our spa wraps will help you to add that finishing touch to your guests’ immaculate experience.

Cotton has long been an undefeated option when it comes to clothing for several reasons. The way it feels against the skin is simply divine: so plush, soft and soothing. Supple and absorbant, cotton is a comforting material that puts people at ease. Easy to launder, it also makes financial sense – even though it feels like it’s worth so much more. Whether you’re building or maintaining your brand, cotton makes the right impression each and every time. From full-fledged bathrobes to their spa wrap kin, nothing is as relaxing or pampering as the feel of cotton. However, not all cotton is grown or manufactured at the same standard, which is why it’s important to consider organic wraps and robes before making a decision.

Organic Cotton as a Preference for Those with Sensitive Skin

As many as fifteen different pesticides can be used in standard cotton production. Half of these are possibly carcinogenic and the rest are irritating to those of us with sensitive skin. Skin is the largest organ in the body and it absorbs up to 70% of everything we put on or near it. While this is pefect for benefitting from the emolliants our favorite spa uses, it’s not so great when we think of the pesisides and chemicals that reside in cotton textiles. As more and more businesses in the hospitality industry require organic textile amenities, we here at Boca Terry are rising to meet that need by offering some of the safest and most flattering eo-friendly products.

Our organic cotton spa wraps don’t pose any health risks and delight all the senses. Well, except tasting, maybe! We haven’t tried chewing on them (yet), but go ahead, give it a shot: they’re absolutely natural and pure, certainly better than that piece of pizza (hey, there goes your fiber portion!). All joking aside, cotton is actually being considered as a potential food crop right now! Most manufacturers would frown upon this idea and would even put a warning on a label saying “for external use only”. But here at Boca Terry we stand behind the quality of every single product we manufacture. We know organic not because it’s such a fashionable word right now (even though we like to be ahead of the game), but because we take pride in catering to the needs of each of our clients, many of whom have embraced the eco-friendly revolution with open arms out of concern for their guests and their planet.

Organic Cotton as an Effort to Promote a Better Environment

When you use our organic cotton spa wraps, you and your guests will immediately feel your valuable input in the sustainable practices that are growing stronger around the globe. Small changes like this make a significant difference. Not using chemicals creates thicker, more nutrient-rich soil, which prevents its erosion. By avoiding pesticides, cotton farms prevent harm to other plants and animals around it, hindering the spread of poisonous substances to other areas. When you choose organic, you contribute to better work conditions for the farmers. They don’t get exposed to the damaging agrochemicals and thus have a better quality of life.

Luxurious and Comfortable Organic Cotton Spa Wraps

Our spa wraps are a great alternative to bath robes. They provide a snug fit for people of any body type, creating a beautiful silhouette for men and women. With a 24” length for men, which drapes from the waist to mid-calf and a 32” length for women, going from under the armpit to just above the knee, they are perfect for covering up just the right amount of skin, leaving the rest exposed for massages, treatments or sunbathing.

People often feel uneasy at spas, Jacuzzis and pools when they wear other wraps because they  tend to fall off or not fit them precisely. With a three snap closure and snug but not uncomfortable elastic, clients wearing our our spa wraps will never have that problem: they can be adjusted to perfectly cover and flatter any figure.

Manufactured using processes designed specifically to elongate the life of the wrap, our spa wraps can be washed and rewashed while still maintaining their luxurious look and feel. This has the potential to positively affect your budget, which you can invest in other areas of your conscious management.

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Support organic cotton farmers, protect the environment, and your patron’s health with our luxury organic spa wraps. Call us today at (877) 421-6001 or fill out our contact form for more information or to place an order. Ask us how our original and attractive embroidery can be placed on your products to enhance your brand’s image!

If you’re an individual, please purchase your personal robe through our retail page.

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