Partner with a Luxury Bathrobe Distributor for Maximum Savings

Partner with a Luxury Bathrobe Distributor for Maximum Savings

Published on Feb 13th 2013

banner2Whether you are opening up a new hotel, resort, spa, cruise line, or bed and breakfast, partnering with a luxury bathrobe distributor should be one of the items high up on your list. As one of the most memorable elements in a guest’s stay, choosing the right robes for your needs is an essential ingredient when it comes to getting the highest ratings in today’s competitive hospitality industry.

Finding the Right Distributor is Key

Hospitals and wellness clinics are also getting in on the action, realizing that a beautiful bathrobe can help a patient feel healthier by providing him or her with a luxurious garment that lifts the spirit. Now, with room service and open room plans that welcome visitors, this is yet another sector where finding the right distributor is key.

Eliminating the Middleman

Boca Terry is rapidly becoming the number one choice when it comes to ordering exquisitely made bathrobes from a company that knows manufacturing and distribution inside out. Because we are an in-house distributor, we eliminate the middleman, thus enabling costs to be low, which is another attraction alongside our already competitive wholesale prices.

High Quality Materials that Endure

Our dedication to making sure our prices are reasonable has brought us some of the most reputable clients from around the world. In addition to providing exceptional distribution service, we also work with the highest quality materials that are chosen and crafted to endure.

Standing the Test of Time

With countless launderings, bathrobes need to be able to stand the test of time, and ours are becoming the perfect examples of ultimate longevity. This is yet another way you save, as you don’t have to re-order worn items, but instead can concentrate with amplifying your selection of our classic styles as the demand increases.

Providing Accurate Information

With decades of experience in the hospitality industry, our Boca Terry design experts are also here to help you when it comes to making the right choice for your particular needs. Providing accurate information on our merchandise is another way to save money and time, as here again, you don’t have to consult a middleman to get the answers.

A Seal of Approval from Perfectionists

All of the materials we use are carefully selected for their superior quality, and then lab tested before they are sent out to you. This is our way of guaranteeing that every single bathrobe we make has the seal of approval from the perfectionists we are proud to be.

Clear Status Updates

When it comes to status updates, such as manufacturing and delivery time, you get your information directly from the source. This is especially important when it comes to custom orders. When you are clear about what is happening every step of the way, there can be no costly misunderstandings.

Making Your Custom Order

Speaking of custom orders, when you partner with us as your supplier and distributor, you have a direct channel for communicating your ideas. Send us your thoughts, even if they are sketched out in the most minimal way, and we will make them come to life. Additionally, you can discuss your requirements with our design team and we will help you come up with a viable logo or emblem that best represents your brand.

Easy Communication and Execution

Honeymooners, wedding parties, and birthday celebrants often want to have their events commemorated by a special bathrobe design. Boca Terry is an expert in creating wonderful designs that will make the date as memorable as it should be. Because your communication is directly with us, there is no extra down time from execution to delivery.

One-Stop Shopping

There is no doubt that when you partner with a luxury bathrobe distributor like Boca Terry, you can celebrate maximum savings. The convenience of the one-stop shopping experience we offer is designed to keep your expenses low and your reputation high.

Attracting More Customers

Our distribution centers are located through out the United States, Europe, and the Far East, which allows us to easily send out orders to almost anywhere in the world. When you order from us you show that you are interested in pampering your guests and that you care about their comfort and sense of exclusivity. In this way you attract more customers, helping each one to feel like a true VIP.

Educating and Informing

Boca Terry’s high-end luxury line of bathrobes doesn’t stop with carefully sourced fabrics, perfectly sewn materials, and exquisitely designed styles. We are also here to educate and inform our clients on how to better serve guests with the right robe for the right situation, and more. Additionally, we are experts at spotting and implementing trends, which keeps us way ahead of the pack when it comes to contemporary design and taste.

All of the Essential Services Under one Roof

Whether it is choosing sustainable items for a healthier environment, such as our pure, eco-friendly cotton robes, or robes suitable for varying climates and activities, we provide a plethora of essential services under one roof. With bathrobes made of cotton, terrycloth, satin, microtec and more, you have a range of selections that cover every exigency, from hotel or hospital room to poolside to gym.

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