Personalized Bathrobes by You and Your Brand from Boca Terry

Personalized Bathrobes by You and Your Brand from Boca Terry

Published on Jun 9th 2014

Best Price on Customized Terry Cloth Bathrobes for Country Clubs in the USAs strange as it sounds, personality is abundant. Everyone has one. However, some companies forget to implement their personalities into their brand! Customized items can help a company’s personality shine through, drawing in eager customers. When a company is excited about their brand, others become excited about it, too. Embracing personality and customization within your brand will set your business apart, enabling you to reach your goals more easily through customer interest and support.

Become Memorable

Of course, guests will always remember your great establishment for its outstanding amenities, offerings, and location, but it’s time to become unforgettable, in every way. Help your visitors remember your hotel or spa for the unbeatable relaxation they experience while there! Visitors and clients will feel comforted by the Boca Terry robe that proudly displays your logo or company name during their time at your business. Just imagine, lodgers will recall your company as the one with the most soothing robes, which led to such a peaceful overall atmosphere. Let’s browse the options we offer for personalization of our products.


Embroidered details are not just for grandma anymore! From frilly flowers to enticing emblems, we will stitch your beautiful artwork onto whichever robes you choose! Represent your brand’s personality through a logo or a catchy phrase. Whatever best represents your company’s values, goals, and services, our needle and thread are eager to stitch when you are ready!

Marketing Through Personalization

What if you offered your guests or clients a robe with an eye-catching pattern on it, enhancing your brand’s personality? Great idea, but let’s take it a step further. Let’s say you decided to utilize social media to gain popularity. Imagine if, on the inside of your robe, you put a hash tag (#) along with your company’s name. Visitors that are familiar with social media, such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, will automatically understand to post a picture or status using your new hash tag. From poolside robe photos to brides getting ready for the big day in your hotel, a collection of images and statuses about your brand will captivate audiences. You will grow an empire of online followers, and the more you are seen, the more business you gain. Once social media gets a taste of these cozy robes, you will have potential customers begging for a room in your fully booked hotel. Personalization can become a powerful marketing tool when done purposefully.

Clients Keep Coming

Our top-notch robes have already received some promising validation from big brands like Hilton, Ritz-Carlton, and more. But hotels, resorts, and spas are not our only famed customers. When hip hop recording artist and entrepreneur Snoop Dogg’s product development team decided to create a custom bathrobe line sold on his online retail store, the Snoopermarket, their promotional products distributor called Boca Terry. His team was very discerning when it came to the robe’s design and quality. We worked closely with the distributor to develop a custom robe that was worthy of his name while keeping it at a reasonable price point for the online retail store. Together, we designed the robe they were looking for, and it soon became available online to consumers!

More Familiar Faces

We even spotted Rick Ross in one of our robes, designed for Armand de Brignac, on his Instagram account! We believe that our robe quality speaks for itself, and we are proud to see celebrities agree.

Quality for Queens and Kings

We put forth 100% effort to develop impressive fabrics and well-designed products. We have spent time perfecting our manufacturing and distribution processes to provide businesses with the highest quality wholesale bathrobes, towels, and spa accessories available on the market. Our goal is to ensure that your guests and clients recognize your superiority through the amenities you provide.

The Next Best Thing to Home (If Not Better)

Bring the comfort of home to your hotel or spa. When your guests don our plush, cozy velour-stripe bathrobe with your logo stitched into it, they will associate your brand with home. The 100% combed cotton with a cozy roll-up collar and cuffs, double belt loops for adjustable belt height, generous pockets, and a hanger loop will make your visitors double take their surroundings in disbelief that they are not in the comforts of their own residency.

Patient Care Possibilities

What if hospitals, doctor’s offices, and emergency rooms utilized personalized robes? Can you imagine the positive impact this would have on patients? Often, patients have a strong desire to be back in their own beds, at home. You can’t bring some patients home, but you can bring home to them! Not only would utilizing personalized robes in these medical offices show that your company cares, but it also brings a taste of comfort to patients that they might be missing.

Gift Shops

Offer patrons the robes they crave in your hotel gift shop, or as a thank-you for booking your spa. You will have lines out the door. By stitching your brand’s name onto the checkered bathrobe, for example, they will never forget you or your brand (and their house guests might even ask about you)!

We Have Something for Everyone

No matter whom you are, and what you do, we have a product to benefit your business. From organic cotton robes to lightweight spa wraps, we go above and beyond to meet your needs and specifications. If you have questions or if you are interested in bettering your business with our top-notch Boca Terry products, contact us today!










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