Personalized Bathrobes for Bridesmaids

Personalized Bathrobes for Bridesmaids

Published on Jul 10th 2013

Through time, bridesmaids have played an extremely important role within the wedding party. From ancient civilizations to the present, they continue to hold their position as an essential part of the ceremony, as well as during all of the preparations beforehand

A Short History of Bridesmaid Tradition

Long, long ago, bridesmaids dressed similarly to the bride, accompanying her to the village of the groom. Here they were considered to be her protectors, preventing her from being kidnapped by spurned suitors or from having her dowry stolen along the way. In ancient Roman wedding ceremonies, select women were also dressed much like the bride, and this was designed to confuse any lurking evil spirits. When the identity of the bride was confused, she then stood that chance of thwarting any bad luck that might come her way. In Victorian times queens and princesses filled their courts with friends and relatives who would help them during betrothal time. With all of the elaborate preparations, the women closest to the bride would take on many duties in order to make sure that all of the wedding events would flow smoothly.


Today’s Celebratory Event


Nowadays, bridesmaids can relax around the possibility of invading dark spirits and the random abduction. We seemed to have evolved out of those early stages and into a purely celebratory event, apart from the odd curmudgeonly guest or a still doubting mother-in-law!

Assisting With the Details


Today bridesmaids assist the bride in details such as booking appointments, mailing out invitations, arranging the seating plans, and more. Knowing she has more than one bridesmaid to rely on helps the bride feel confident that all will be accomplished. And because these women know her tastes and preferences, their advice and tips help to contribute to the help she needs.

Commemorating a Special Day


At Boca Terry, we are always ready to help celebrants commemorate a special day. And it is our experience that a beautiful personalized bathrobe is one of the best ways to thank and further unify bridesmaids.

Deepening Bonds Between Friends


A personalized bathrobe is not only an intimate gift that is the perfect metaphor for the unification of two people, but also a way to deepen bonds between friends. Gathered together in a setting where close friends and relatives are sharing the experience of the bride-to-be, what could be better than a set of our beautiful, luxury Boca Terry robes?

Creating a Unique Statement


Personalized bathrobes make a unique statement. They maintain that the robes selected are one-of-a-kind, with each bridesmaid being a special member of a private club revolving around this special event. With exceptional double stitching, our designers can help you create a custom logo, emblem, or design in the color or pattern that is just right for the message you want to send. Our sensual, plush, deeply feminine, and always practical robes are made with the finest materials sourced from the best fabrics and made by experts. Designed to last, they are both classic and contemporary, and will hold up to countless launderings without losing their original luster.

Feeling Beautiful


Boca Terry bathrobes come in a myriad of styles. And because they are made in one-size-fits-all, they are designed to look as stunning on one type of body as another. Available in plus sizes as well, no woman need be left out of feeling pampered. Some of the robes we recommend for wedding parties include the following styles, all of which lend themselves perfectly to personalization:

The Pink Kimono

Made of 100% polyester, the Pink Kimono is reminiscent of the elegant Asian style kimonos, which are the ultimate in femininity. With their graceful draping, they speak volumes when it comes to comfort and ease.

The Satin Stripe

The Satin Strip bathrobe comes in Kimono style or with gorgeously designed shawl collar and cuffs. Made with a luscious French terry knit lining with an outer shell made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, this classic style includes double belt loops for waist height adjustment and a convenient hanger loop placed in the inside of the collar.

Waffle Bathrobes

Our Waffle robes are ideal for keeping you warm and dry. Though they are light, they do a heavy-duty job of wicking away moisture from the skin. At the same time, if your wedding party is enjoying spa treatments, there is nothing like a Waffle with its highly absorbent washcloth like squares to keep emollients in as they penetrate every pore.

100% Organic Cotton Terry Robes


With more people becoming aware of the delicious luxury of 100% cotton, these robes are becoming one of our most popular items. If any one of your bridesmaids has a skin problem or allergy, these robes are the ones to choose. Created from pure cotton that has not been treated with any kind of pesticide or other chemical, the non-genetically modified seeds have made way for perfect plants that have known the magic of natural growth processes. Boca Terry organic cotton robes pay attention to lowering the carbon footprint and maintaining a consciousness around healthy environmental practices.

Created with Thoughtfulness and Attention


All of our robes are created with thoughtfulness and attention to quality and good practices. With our own factories, we are able to fully supervise every step of manufacture and production. And with no middleman to interfere with pricing, we are able to keep our costs down in order to give you the most beautiful product without breaking the bank.

Collaborating on Your Personalized Robes


Simply choose a robe that suits your style and then set up a consultation with our design experts to collaborate on a personalized design. We will work with you to make sure that the message you wish to convey is perfect for the occasion. Whether it is initials, a phrase, or a design that epitomized the sentiment of the day, we will help you create an exceptional look for an exceptional day.

Contact Us Today


Planning a wedding can be hard work and sometimes you just need a day to relax with your girlfriends. So set aside some quality time and contact us so you can design the perfect bridesmaids bathrobes and unwind in style. Call (877) 421-6001 or use the online form.

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