Personalized Maternity Robes

Personalized Maternity Robes

Published on Aug 24th 2012

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Pregnancy, while being an exhilarating and cherished time in a woman’s life, can also be extremely uncomfortable at times, and exhausting. A personalized maternity robe is the perfect way to pamper an expecting mother.

Add A Touch Of Elegance To Her Day

Many pregnant women find small touches of elegance can really brighten their day and lighten the load of their pregnancy. Slipping into a silk, satin, or micro terry bathrobe after a relaxing bath can be that little bit of bliss that every pregnant woman needs.

A silk robe that cannot accommodate the new addition by fitting around her waist can be disheartening and certainly uncomfortable. Making sure a bathrobe can fit both the expectant mother and her little one is yet another way to show her how much you care. Boca Terry is one of the few bathrobe companies that caters to pregnant women and makes personalized maternity robes that can wrap a woman in sheer bliss from shoulders to knees.

Personalization Is Always Special

Adding a bit of personalization to the robe will serve to please the pregnant woman who slips it on. Even a hotel can offer personalization if they choose a phrase such as, “Hot Mama”. Boca Terry can embroider any sentiment the client creates onto any of their bathrobes.

Pamper Pregnant Women

Life’s little luxuries should not have to be forgotten because a woman is pregnant. Her husband has probably already learned that a foot massage or back rub can ease her pain and discomfort and lift her spirits. Add a silk bathrobe to the mix, and she may truly feel pampered.

A bathrobe is often seen as something to be put on after bathing. However, a pregnant woman may relish the luxurious feel of silk on her skin any time of the day. If slipping into her bathrobe helps her relax and feel good, it should be available to her at all times.

How To Find Personalized Maternity Robes

Boca Terry is family owned and operated, which means they understand the importance of family. Women who have experienced pregnancies as well as the men who supported them work on creating elegant, luxurious maternity bathrobes. They understand that what some people view as the little things are actually the things that can make all the difference.
For spas and hotels intent on offering a luxurious experience for their guests, they must not forget maternity bathrobes. Many pregnant women look to spas and retreats to help them relax and enjoy their pregnancy more. Offering her that personalized maternity robe at the end of the day is sure to bring a smile to her tired face.

Check out Boca Terry now to see the full line of robes available. They sell bathrobes in many different colors and textures, and any type of personalization is available. Put a smile on your partners face or on the face of the next expectant mother your hotel or spa houses. Visit for more information, call or fax:

Directly (954) 312-4410
Toll Free (877) 421-6001
Fax (866) 530-9743

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