Picking the Best Bathrobe Material for Your Hotel’s Bathrobes

Picking the Best Bathrobe Material for Your Hotel’s Bathrobes

Published on Feb 11th 2016

Picking the Best Bathrobe Material for Your Hotel’s BathrobesDifferent hotel clients have varying needs. Whether it’s having the right linens to sleep on or the amenities that offer the most convenience, having the highest quality is a standard to excel in the hospitality world.

That’s why, when choosing the perfect bathrobes to land on your hotel’s purchasing agenda, choosing the perfect fabrics relies on several factors. The following are a few of the things you should consider when deciphering which bathrobes are the best ones for your lodge.

Where is Your Hotel Situated?

When choosing the exceptional items that will adorn their facilities, hotel owners generally look at the regular climate of the area in which their hotel is situated. If yours is based in a location with more arduous winters, your best option is to go with a snug robe that will always keep your guests warm.

On the other hand, if your hotel sits along the coast of crystal clear waters, with plenty of sunshine, going with a more lightweight fabric would make for the optimal alternative. In addition, by knowing that your guests will most likely wear their bathrobes by the water, you should go for a style that’s composed of an absorbent material.

For the cooler environments, Boca Terry’s Hooded bathrobe is the perfect option. Available in terry and velour variations, the Hooded bathrobe boasts multi-needle stitching along the cuffs and the front of the robe. For the warmer destination, Boca Terry’s Microterry bathrobe will complement any tanning session, with kimono and shawl collar versions of ultra soft microterry.

Which Ambience Will Your Bathrobe Reside in? 

When it comes to selecting the ideal fabric for your bathrobes, it’s a lot like choosing furniture—you have to select the right fabric to fit the room’s design and theme. So if you’re setting the bathrobes in your guests’ rooms, you should focus on matching the aura of the space.

For instance, if the bathrobes will be placed in a room with a contemporary design, you should opt for a more modern fit; contrarily, a more traditionally designed space calls for a classic fit. The fabric used in the composition of a robe has a lot to do with the aura of its appeal.

Checkered patterns stitched in a kimono style generally tend to give off a more modern impression, while finely stitched linear textures in subtly fluffed cotton arrangements will make for a more traditional charm. At Boca Terry, you’ll find an assortment of either. Some of Boca Terry’s bathrobes that are perfect fits for modern settings include:

  • Basic Kimono
  • Knit Waffle
  • Micro Chamois
  • Shawl Waffle

For more classic settings, you can choose from:

  • Classic Shawl Collar
  • Microfiber with Plush Lining
  • Velour Stripe
  • Satin Stripe

Although some styles seem fitter for certain interior designs, you can always contrast a classic-style bathrobe with modern surroundings and vice versa, as you see suitable. The trick is selecting the proper tones to match your furnishings.

Where Will Guests Use It?

You might want to place your bathrobes in the hotel spa, pool area, or guests’ rooms. If you’ll be storing them in the spa area, you should make sure that the material used can absorb massage oils, creams, and other substances used in spa treatments.

Similarly, robes used by the pool or beach area of your hotel should be of a permeable terry nature, as mentioned above. When you set them in your guests’ rooms, guests can choose to use them before or after a shower, but you can have more freedom with the material you prefer to go with.

With these types of bathrobes, you can lower the amount of towels needed in your inventory. Guests will be glad to have the facility to throw on a bathrobe to dry off in with ease, rather than to reach for a towel each time.

Can the Bathrobe Be Stored without Hassle?

No matter where the bathrobes will be used in your hotel, both you and your guests should be able to store them. If you prefer to fold the bathrobes, rather than hang them, be sure to choose a fabric your guests won’t have to worry about ironing.

Boca Terry’s Micro terry bathrobe, for instance, is wrinkle resistant, as are many other terry robes. If you would like the robe to be folded, but don’t want to go with that fabric, there are certain ways to fold a bathrobe that can help minimize the appearance of creases. To simply hang the bathrobe, you can use the hanger loops on Boca Terry’s selection.

Can the Bathrobe Handle Several Launderings?

Another crucial factor to take into account is whether the bathrobes are made of materials that are durable enough to endure many washes. It goes without saying that hospitality standards require hotels to regularly wash items like bathrobes and towels for the sanitary purposes.

If a bathrobe is made of lower quality fabrics, the chances of it being able to withstand rigorous washes without damage are much lower. After going through numerous washes, the fibers of the threads that make up bathrobe fabrics start to break down, which will ultimately deem a robe inadequate.

At Boca Terry, our entire bathrobe collection is made of the highest quality materials that are specially chosen to endure tough launderings and numerous wears. We always make sure that before leaving our factories, our bathrobes are flawlessly delivered and handled with the utmost care.

Is It a Green World After All?

If your hotel promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle or you want to be mindful of your guests’ preferences, you can opt for organic bathrobes. Organic robes are not only made with more environmentally friendly production methods, they’re also immensely practical for visitors who have particular health conditions.

You can still go with smooth cotton terry or velour, with the difference lying in the organic cotton composition. Boca Terry’s organic bathrobe collection includes:

  • Organic Basic Kimono
  • Organic Classic Shawl Collar
  • Organic Lightweight Waffles

Catering to All Types of Luxury

Whether you own a small hotel or a large resort, Boca Terry has the assortment that can suit even the toughest bathrobe fabric critic. For more information on the various fabrics used to manufacture our bathrobe lines and which would be best for your hotel, contact us today.

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