Product Review: Beyond Zone Mad Mud

Product Review: Beyond Zone Mad Mud

Published on Mar 1st 2011

I did some research on this product before i purchased it. When i went to Sally’s they had a buy 2 get 1 free deal but they didn’t really have anything else that i wanted to try.

I probably should have taken a before picture for my edges but i didn’t even think about it. Guess ill have to do it next time.

It is INCREDIBLE at smoothing down edges. It’s very thick and as a very solid consistency. When i use it, i line the entire edge of my hairline and i take a soft bristle brush to brush my hair back. Then i take a scarf and i put it on my edges until i am ready to walk out the door.

The result?

I got better pics for yall because i finally decided to charge my camera… POW!

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